Version Scrap :: Paris :: what you’ll need…

Hi!!! I receive some questions and comment below the previous post about Version Scrap – so once again 🙂 I will teach three different MINI ALBUM classes during these three days: 5-6-7 of April in Paris.

BE BOLD – We will create an album in all shades of gray (all associations are irrelevant) :) with some neon accents – you will have a choice if you want to choose yellow or pink neon elements. The sponsores of these workshops are:

Color Conspiracy, Scrapiniec, SODAlicious, 7 Dots Studio and Freckled Fawn!!! There are only 7 places for Sunday’s class.


For this class I used one big photo on the cover of my album (15×13 cm) and 9 square (7×7 cm) black and white photos inside the album.

MEDIA & DOODLING – this is a mini-album class as well. But at this class we will combine a bright album. You will also have a choice if you want to create something in pastels or you prefer the bolder colours. Of course I will teach you how to get a watercolour effect on the pages using various media like inks, watercolours, mist, Faber-Castell gellos, etc… The sponsores of the workshops are: ILS and Studio Calico. There are still 24 places for Sunday.

Media & Doodling

For this project I used 9 square (7×7 cm) photos in black and white palette – and I think you should also bring some black and white photos 🙂

POWER COLOURS – this is ALSO a mini album class. During this workshops I will show you how to compose the pagse from neutral papers and next how to add some pops of colour on it using embellishments and mixed-media actions. We will be  playing with gesso, watercolours or other mediums you will bring for the classes. There are still a lot of free places on these classes so don’t let them wait for you so long! The sponsores of this class are: ILS, Studio Calico , SODAlicious and Color Conspiracy. There are only 17 places for Sunday’s afternoon.


For this project I used 7 (9×7 cm) photos and one big photo (15×13 cm) on the cover. I think black and white photos will be the best.


MATERIALS you have to bring for the classes:

gesso, watercolour media (it depends what do you have at home and what you will like to use, or learn how to use): watercolours, colour inks, ecolines, Faber-Castell gelos, Mister Huey’s mists, October Afternoon mists or other mists (all of them are good enough), watercolour crayons; a pencil, a black pen, minimum two different brushes (rather small ones, one soft and one hard), black china ink, black stamp ink, various stamps (a date stamp, different roller stamps will be good… arrow stamps), scissors, glue, double-sided tape, adhesive foam (!), crop-a-dille/scraparatus or other whole-make things, a ruler.
About the pictures – I used only black and white photos to all of these projects. Most of them have a square shape – like from Instagram. Not bigger than 7x7cm, but we will handle with all what you will bring for the classes. Brighter photos are always better for my classes.

If you are sure that you can’t be there in Paris, don’t be sad 🙂 You can always take part in my entreaARTistes online workshops giveaway!!!

GIVEAWAY workshops

My entreARTistes online classes start at March 11th but you can join to us anytime! These classes are avaiable in two languages: ENGLISH and FRENCH. If you are english speaking customer – all you have to do is create an account an, add my class in english to your cart, proceed to payment and that´s it. You will automatically be added to my private forum in english.

washi tape

And my last news for today – beacuse we have a Women’s Day today, on ILS blog we organize a GIVEAWAY – if you take part you can win our BRAND NEW ‚WHY NOT?’ washi tape manufactured in collaboration with Freckled Fawn!!!

5 Komentarzy to “Version Scrap :: Paris :: what you’ll need…”

  1. yeah! I can’t wait to take your „power colors” class! I think it will be nice to meet you and take your class! thank you so much for coming!

  2. Masking Tape with ILS design!!! What a good news! You made my day!!!

  3. je te retrouverai lundi pour l’atelier entr’artist….j’ai hâte….j’adore ce que tu fais!

  4. J’ai eu la chance de faire 2 ateliers à Version Scrap, et c’était génial! Les mini sont magnifiques, modernes, et on peu les modifier ou reproduire aisément. Et tout cela, avec un des plus joli rire qu’il existe. Merci encore, ne change rien!

    I had the chance to do two workshops at Version Scrap, and it was awesome! Mini are beautiful, modern, and we can easily modify or reproduce. And all this with one of the most beautiful laugh there. Thank you again, do not change anything!

  5. Hello Ania
    I just finished Be bold album.
    here is le link if you want to check it out:

    It was a real pleasure to meet you
    Thanks for thenice project.
    see you soon hopefully



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