Spencer’s Reveal


You will adore these kits! Playing with them is like a fairytale. I grabed Main Spencer’s Scrapbook kit, both scpbooking add-ons: Front Porch Blend and Daily Grid and Project Life add-on – Latte. And here are my April’s layouts, enjoy.

I was thinking a lot about how to use these cuted circles in my work and I decided that first – I will use them as a mask and next I cut a piece of this craft and use it as a background. I also add some mixed-media actions using gesso, mists and watercolours here and there. The rest is just a combination of different layers. I have a lot of self-portraits this month because I was experimenting with my new Canon Selphy – and I get a lot of photos in weird crops 🙂 sorry.

everyday recording

This is a crazy layout inspired by this chevron motive coming from this red-navy paper. You can find here a lot of chevrons made using different Studio Calico ‚V’ masks. Whole page stays in a summer holiday mood that’s why I stick here the little printable anchor and use these marine colours.

totally rad

This layout was totally inspired my this amazing pink paper. I adore this gradient here!!! All I knew wt the begining that I want to use this paper as a background and this beautiful stamp – the rest was just an inprovisation. I created some layers using alsothis lovely black envelope. Of course I add some splashes and doodlings – I adore me new tool – white Uni-ball. This is the second month with this tool and I can’t stop! I am also impressed by these clear shapes – the colours on the are so vibrant!

I did it again

This is an another vacation layout. The photo was made when my son was 5 – so I cuted this ‚5’ from the PL card from the PL add-on. I combine some transparent and white layers from vellum and different papers. The background is made from white paper and I also add there a piece of white patterned paper from one of the add-ons. Of course I add a little bit of watercolour paint all over the photo. And the good info is – that in Studio Calico shop you have a new watercolour medium! Transparent watercolour papers – you have to buy them 🙂

be all there

This is my this month’s Main Kit Only layout. I stick it in a navy palette with some highlights. The inspiration is coming from the picture – as always in my works.  I combined a lot of various layers, I used a vellum, printables, wide washi tape, some different pattern papers and simple embellishements.

best friends

Ok – I think that this title is dump :/ but I added it here and I never change my mind on the layouts so – it have to stay. So just treat this sentence as an element of the composition only – not the main reason why this page was made, ok?  I used my self-portraits once again (sorry, but I have a lot of them because I was learning how to use the Canon Selphy) – and I decided to stick in a monochrome palette. Finally I add a little bit of woodgrain motives. Once again you can find here different kinds of chevrons. For me the most important part of this page is this adorable handwriting patterned PL card in a dark navy colour from this month’s PL add-on Latte. I am in love with this card.

all inspiration no motivation

I love this photo of my beloved son – everything what happened on this page is a consequence of the color palette of the image. I adore this craft paper in the background. I create a lot of layers here but my intension was to highlight the photo – I hope I do my best 🙂

how beautiful it is

I hope that you like my this month’s creations and that they will be enough for next two weeks. I’m leaving and probably I won’t have an internet so it will be quiet here for a moment. I wish you Happy Easter time with your beloved family and friends. Send you huge hugs.


12 Komentarzy to “Spencer’s Reveal”

  1. Anna you must open a gallery of your incredible works!!)))
    I want to see all of them by my own eyes!

  2. I love each of them. Great work!! I wish you a Happy Easter week-end ♥

  3. Elles sont magnifiques ces pages, Et j’adore la dernière.

    A vendredi prochain à Paris


    Céline de Noisy

  4. wow, wszystkie przepiękne!!! 🙂

  5. I love this layouts !!! They are just wonderful and amazing 🙂

  6. I adore your work so much! These layouts just proved how awesome you are!

  7. Whaouh! I love them all. In the first, you’ve used that paper circles that I had not known what to make of it. From the second the colors sailors. In the third, the role that great pink and white doodlings. In the fourth, the peace that passes. In the fifth, the combination of the colors in the photo with the papers. In the sixth, the strength of the color contrast. And the last one is perfect! have the gift of integrating photos with papers, beautiful!

  8. how beautiful your layouts are!! Such a pleasure!

  9. Mrs Wolniak! Really gorgeous! Cannot decide which one I like most.
    You are such an inspiration to me. Love visiting your blog 🙂 …

    … says: Sandra

  10. Elles sont vraiment très différentes ces pages et pourtant toutes aussi belles les unes que les autres, bravo pour ce talent !

  11. WOW!!!!!!!! i just tottaly LOVE your layouts!!!!!!! great work 🙂

  12. Beautiful layout, so love your soft style!! 🙂


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