‚Planetarium’ sneak peeks!!!

Hi!!! So, so sorry that I have no time for blogging last weeks but I just come back from Paris (thank you so much to all my Version Scrap students!!! You are amazingly talented!!!) and tomorrow I’m leaving to Helsinki on the huge Finland scrapbooking event where I will be teaching two different classes (see you there at Saturday girls!!!).


But I just have to show you some brand new Studio Calico ‚Planetarium‚ sneak peeks before I leave my flat, so… these are four of them and I just can say that I love these kits!!!


I have to remind you that you have only a few days to register in Studio Calico new May Class by Jen Jockisch ‚POP of the PAGE‚!!!


Feeling a little flat? Join layering expert Jen Jockisch for this sequel to last year’s popular class and learn how to layer your paper and embellishments to add detail, dimension and visual interest to any project. We’ll be kicking off the class with a refresher PDF to discuss ideas shared in the first class, and will follow that up with four PDFs discussing even more concepts in layering. In the end, you’ll have access to 5 PDFs filled with 28 new projects, 2 videos (one from Jen and one from Celine) and oodles of Pop Off The Page tips and tricks.


While supplies last, students will receive an embellishment kit of layering essentials, including an exclusive stamp set. This kit will ship free to you, no matter where you are!



The class also comes with exclusive downloads – printables from In A Creative Bubble and Blinks of Life and die cut files in .svg, .png and .studio from Kinsey Wilson.

3 Komentarze to “‚Planetarium’ sneak peeks!!!”

  1. rrrr! beautiful sneak peeks!i can’t wait!))

  2. beautifuuuuuuul…. ♥

  3. It was wonderful to meet you and learn from you! I posted the layout I made at your workshop here: http://lehtipollo.blogspot.fi/2013/04/intohimoilua.html


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