Studio Calico ‚Planetarium’ reveal!!!


Finally!!! I can’t wait to show you my May kit layouts!!! All of this month kits are just amazing! I am in love with ‚Planetarium‚ and I can’t be happier that today is the day of reveal. Unfortunatelly I didn’t prepare a lot of layoout this month because of my travels to Paris and Helsinki, but I have a few and I hope you will like them.

OK, so let’s begin! This month I grabed these kits: Main Scrapbook ‚Planetarium‚ kit,Orion‚ Scrapbook Add-on1, ‚Big Dipper‚ Scrapbook Add-on2, ‚Lyra‚ Scrapbook Add-on3 and ‚Helley’s Comet’ Project Life add-on. The projects below are the mix of these kits. I also add a lot of watercolours this month (I know, I use them all the time, but this time I used only Transparent Watercolour Papers which are available in Studio Calico shop, they are amazing and so easy to work with!).

So first start from these full of watercolours layouts:

You give me something that nobody else can give

precious love

My second favourite things this month is this lovely circle stamp from the PL add-on – I stamped it using different colours of inks.

little windows to his soul

And third obsession – eco/natural trend! I was so inspired by all wooden embellishements and papers in these kits. I’m in the neutral mood…

le pain quotidien

And my last layout  – the Main Kit Only one made with ‚Planetarium’ Scrapbook Kit:

make it happen

Don’t forget about Studio Calico DIGITAL shop items!!! You know how I love them – especially PRINTABLES 🙂


Please take a look also on some NEW ITEMS in SC shop – specially MINI NEON MISTS and Studio Calico mid release ATLANTIC COLLECTION!


I wish an amazing weekend (in Poland we have a veeeeery loooong weekend this time), and see you soon!!!


5 Komentarzy to “Studio Calico ‚Planetarium’ reveal!!!”

  1. Omg!! I love your layouts so much!

  2. They are fantastic! I love a lot! and photos, as always, great!
    A kiss

  3. Wow! You are an inspiring, amazing lady. I just ADORE your work…

  4. Amazing layouts full of sensations and emotions! Love every single one of them!
    hugs form BCN!


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