National Scrapbook Day!!!


Welcome everybody! I am celebrating this awesome day with all my Studio Calico family and YOU!!! Check oute the CHALLENGES over at Studio Calico BLOG for this NSD weekend! There’s lots of PRICES that you can win, you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Here is on of the challenges that I took part :: Scrapbook CT challenge #3 ‚By the numbers’. Count it out. Add some stats. Measure the distance, or the passing of time. Note their age. So many of us have unused number stickers hanging out in our leter packs, and we want you to put them to work!

NSD challenge numbers

Numbers are very spectacular, always. The graphic for of the numbers are always perfect, they look great everywhere: as a pattern, as a title, multiplicate with stamps, masks, texture… If you’ve never tried, this is the best time to do so.


I hid the second picture of Canal Saint Martin under the main photo of this layout…


pattern paper: Snippets ‚Oh Snap‚, Snippets 6×6 Paper Pad, Here & There ‚Flagstaff‚, Here & There 6×6 paper pad,  stickers: Here & There 12×12 Sticker Sheet, Atlantic Cork Arrow and Chevron stickers, epoxy brads: Snippets Epoxy Brads, chipboards: Snippets Printed Chipboard Arrows, Here & There Arrow Chipboard Stickers, Snippets Printed Chipboard Speech Bubbles, badges: Here & There Adhesive Badges, alpha: Sundrifter Tiny Brown Alpha, ‚Orion’ scrapbook add-on, mists: Atlantic Seafoam, Atlantic Navy, Here&There Ocean, Here&There Garden, other: Transparent Watercolor Papers, Water Brush – Medium

I also took part in the second ‚Give mixed media a try‚ scrapbook CT challenge and show there one of my layouts from the May ‚Planetarium’ kits gallery.


I encourage you to try prepare some works because you can win some amazing prices at Studio Calico during this weekend!!!

3 Komentarze to “National Scrapbook Day!!!”

  1. Love this page…really inspired me.Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Magnifique page ! Le watercolor est superbe !


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