‚Roundabout’ :: the rest of my layouts


It was a nice day today in Poland but now we have a huge storm so I’m sitting at home and baking new rhubarb pie ( I looove rhubarb so when there is a season I’m baking a lot of various cakes and pies). While the cake is baking I can upload a few more layouts I made using Studio Calico ‚Roundabout’ kits.

Sand in my hair


This is a page which I would like to dedicate to my friends from Helsinki: Janka, Mira, Rikka and the whole rest of you beautiful girls!!!



And this page is made for my friend as a memory of a time we spent together in Barcelona in October last year. It was a special, beautiful day 🙂

Destination BCN


And the last one – with a graphic feeling…



11 Komentarzy to “‚Roundabout’ :: the rest of my layouts”

  1. Thank you Anna for your incredible work!

  2. Aww! Thank you so much! All the layouts are gorgeous, as usual, but the Helsinki one holds now a special place in my heart ❤ It was a delight to meet you!

  3. jej, wszystkie takie piękne 🙂

  4. Your layouts are always stunning and so original ! I’m a BIG fan of your amazing creations. Take care.

  5. Great layouts. I am enjoying your work

  6. 3 great layouts full of inspiration. Love how you frame the images and the graphic feeling to it. Thank you for great inspiration.

  7. J’aime beaucoup c’est si beau

  8. J’adore ton scrap !!!!

  9. Your scrap is wonderful ! I’ve not enough words to describe my feelings !! I’m a big fan !



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