Dear Lizzy Vellum…

Let’s get rest a little bit with all these ‘media’ topics :)  Make a little break and talk about vellum. In the latest ‘Lucky Charm‘ line we have a few different patterns and colours printed on the vellum. I think it’s not obvious for all of us how to use them, so I decided to show you one of the possibilities of using ‘Lucky Charm’ vellum on your page.



For today’s layout I choose a vellum with green chevron pattern. I really adore this colour so I choose a white background to bring out the awesomeness of this product.  cut a square piece of vellum and create a few rays – this will be my backround. Because the pattern is rather bold we have to suit the rest of a composition to this element.



I used only tiny emebellishments, rub-ons and stickers here. The only major part of a composition is a topic with this adorable Eiffla Tower used instead of the letter ‘A’. It’s all about the colour of Paris in April – spring in Tuileries Gardens is really beautiful! A lot of luscious green and pink blooking trees, awww! Amazing landscape. I just tried to grab a little bit of that mood…


It’s all for today. I am so curious what is your idea for using patterned vellum on the layout! To be true – I wrote this article in the end of February or in the begining of March – I don’t remember, so it’s possible that some information can be outdated, so sorry. For sure we have a warm summer not the begining of spring – but even that I adore these photos. Paris is always a good idea for sure! Have a nice day.


9 Komentarzy to “Dear Lizzy Vellum…”

  1. En effet… une page magnifique ! Bravo. 🙂

  2. Wouaaaa… This page is so beautiful !!!!
    Have a nice day.

  3. Very beautiful tribute to Paris. I love soft, sweet Colors . It’s beautiful

  4. SUper!!! Zwłaszcza mi te kwiatuszki w oko wpadły – pięknie całość dopełniają 🙂

  5. Love this page! Beautiful, soft colors, lots of tiny details. ❤

  6. What a lovely layout. I like the soft colors!

  7. OMG Anna love this so much love the way you place the photo top and the bottom and love the paris chipboard!


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