Toolbox Class!!!

I have an honour to be a contributor in NEW Studio Calico Class TOOLBOX!!!


Fill your crafting toolbox with cool tips on stitching, mixed media, misting and digital from four technique masters. Amy Tan, Celine Navarro, Geralyn Sy and Shanna Noel will each spend a week in August teaching you the ins and outs of their favorite techniques.



12 PDF lessons – posted M-W-F starting August 5th

4 technique video

8 step by step technique tutorials

36 class projects – 12 layouts, 12 cards and 12 Project Life spreads

4 new sketches posted each week

class message board and gallery

technique challenges from your teachers throughout August


Anna-Maria Wolniak (me!), Barbara Picinich, Becky Novacek, Catherine Davis, Dana Fleckenstein, Dani Flanders, Emily Branch, Evelyn Pratiwi Yusuf, Felicitas Mayer-Klink, Gayatri Murali, Jen Jockisch, Jen Kinkade, Jill Sprott, Kinsey Wilson, Lisa Spangler, Maggie Holmes, Marcy Penner, Nicole Reaves, Patricia Roebuck, Robyn Werlich, Sasha Farina, Stephanie Bryan, Stephanie Washburn, and Tina Aszmus

All students will have access to the class digital files on August 1st. These files will include digital papers from Studio Calico, a template from Catherine Davis, printable stitching templates from Amy Tangerine and Hello Forever, digital stamps from Shanna Noel, cut files and printables from In A Creative Bubble.

week 1 | Digital with Shanna Noel
building a base in photoshop, using a template, using type

week 2 | Mixed Media with Celine Navarro
gesso, watercolor backgrounds, mixing textures

week 3 | Stitching with Amy Tan
stitching with templates, fancy stitches, fabric + paper

week 4 | Mist with Geralyn Sy
masking, resist, more ideas for most

Please >>>CLICK HERE<<< if you want to join us in August!!!


Earn 1000 Calico Points per subscription for you and your friend until July 15th!



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