Bambola Workshops!!!

Hi everybody! I am happy that I can finally announce you that we will meet in Spain in September and October!!! I will be teaching four classes in lovely Bambola shops in Madrid (28th of September) and next in Valencia (6th of October)!!!

Bambola kopia

During each classes I will focus on different techniques and issues. I will show you how to create a subtle layout using a specific range of one colour, and on the other side how to compose a bold page in a bright colour palette. I will also combine with you art-journal pages almost step by step! I will tell you about a lot of inspirations around us, I will give you a lot of ideas where you can find them, and how you can use them in your artistic notebooks! All of these projects are combine on a various palettes and in all of them I teach different mixed-media actions which can be used in your day-by-day creations. I hope it will be time full of inspiration where you find a lot of answers on your mixed-media questions.
I will be your guide in this watecolour valley. You will see how to mixed the colours and what effects you can get using simple tricks. I will show you how to create different kind of splashes and… doodlings – this is a funny technique looks like baby’s doodles on a first sight. But there is a secret hidden on my pages and if you know about it – you will be a master of penciling!
See you there!!! If you are interesteed in all the details or maybe you would like to sign up NOW just >>> CLICK HERE <<< and move directly to the Bambola information site!

2 Komentarze to “Bambola Workshops!!!”

  1. I will be there!!!! i´ve already reserved my place 🙂 can´t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you in Madrid!!

  2. Chciałabym poznać ten sekret 🙂
    Do Hiszpani trochę daleko 🙂


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