Upcycling envelope acccent tutorial

Hi everybody! It’s good to see you here even if the weather is so beautiful in the middle of summer! I prepared something „nice and easy” for you a few weeks ago, but I forgot to publish it on my blog – sorry. This tutorial apeeared on Studio Calico blog a few days ago – so it’s possible that you are already familiar with it.

All of us receive our Studio Calico kits in beautiful boxes where we can find some fancy paper bags and tiny, sweet glasine envelopes.  I would like to show you, how you can use such lovely element like this little, vellum envelope on your layout or in mini album.


First you should combine the basic composition of your layout: collect the proper shades of papers and embellishments which are work well with the rest of the elements.


Choose one of the glasine bags (I chose the sqaure one from the July Scrapbook Main Kit), and try to take the SC label off.


Stick one of the circle labels from the October Afternoon set which you can find in ‚Molly‚ – scrapbook add-on 3.


Stamp one of the circle motives on the label (I used a stamp from ‚You & Me’ Project Life Stamp Set Only).


Make a little hole in the middle of the motive, choose one of the brads from the OA set ( ‚Matthew‚ scrapbook add-on 1) and embellish the envelope.


when the closing is ready you can add some more stamps to make your embellishment more interesting  🙂 I used a lovely stamp from the ‚Inked’ class exclusive stamp set.


Now sticked the envelope to your page. tadaaaammm!
I created a layout with a photo of my son who lost his tooth and I hide this little peace of him in this little glassine bag (I won’t show it to you because I don’t think it’s interesting for any of you 🙂 well you have to trust me that it’s there).

Lost Tooth

I hope this simple tutorial will be helpful for you and when I will be visiting our Studio Calico Member Gallery I will find some upcycling envelopes there! Have fun!

lost 4

supplies: ‚Valley High’ scrapbook Main Kit,‚Valley High’ project life main kit, ‚Matthew‚ scrapbook add-on1, ‚Molly‚ scrapbook add-on2, ‚Jennifer‚ scrapbook add-on3, You & Me‚ project life stamp set, exclusive ‚Inked’ classes Stamp Set.


7 Komentarzy to “Upcycling envelope acccent tutorial”

  1. Great idea Anna!!!! I love it and I will share it on my facebook page 🙂

  2. Awesome tutorial. Love it.

  3. This Layout is so great, I love it!

  4. It’s very Nice and very simple ! Thank´s

  5. Hi Ania-maria 🙂 I love this layout. Just wondering how you get your watercolor splats to look like that? Mine look like a „wash” more than the lovely depth and texture you have here. Is there any thing special I should be doing?

    Thanks 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  6. beautifulllll

    thanks for the tutorial


  7. Really love the tip but the page is also splendid !


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