Pure madness

And it’s all about the LETTERPRESS thing! I feel so excited about these goodies, about totally new technique in scrapbooking (as you probably know the technique itself is very old and well known 🙂 I have so many ideas only if I think about the possibilities!

I’m preparing all of the goodies I will need to play during LETTERPRESS classes. If you are still sitting on the fence… just look at these beauties!!!
letterpressStudio Calico is stocking the following in mid-August, so you should click ‚notify me’ button to get a quick message that all of them are in stock!!! I am still looking for the manual machine like Cuttlebug or Big Shot (you can also use Vagabond, Epic or Evolution). I know that most of you already have it so now it’s a good time for use it in a different way! What you will need to start?



or you can buy some random colours of the inks, the sample pack in the class kit will start you off, but you’ll want more of your favorite colors  – everything you can find >>> HERE <<< in a LETTERPRESS part of SC shop.

And the most fancy thing – the PLATES! All of us just LOVE Studio Calico desings, now we can also use them for letterpress technique!!! These are some of the designs and all of them you can find >>> HERE <<<.

Letterpress templates

and – Craft Dies – thin dies are designed to work with letterpress plates and stamp sets to create your own custom accents. You can find the >>> HERE <<<.

One Comment to “Pure madness”

  1. Splendid… I love this technique, I started it long time ago with woodstamp I made myself… when I was 13! (Oops 20 years ago! ssssht…). OK you have won, girls, I’ll be there!


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