NEW Studio Calico collections!


but you will be grateful for it – because this information is priceless


OK, start from my favourite watercolour medium (who would countinue to use Ecolines if these colours are so amazing, bright and vibrant?!) – Studio Calico Mister Huey’s mists! They were just restock and there are also some new shades! If you want to enrich your collection click HERE as soon as possible!!!

Mister Huey's

The second good information for today is that in Studio Calico shop you can find some new supplies from the latest collection! I didn’t introduce you these beauties before so I will make it right now.


This is my favourite line THAT – A – WAY. So warm and bright. Has a lot of amazingly beautiful embellishments and some lovely pattern papers. If you wan to buy some quick click HERE! Don’t think too much because you probably don’t have a lot of time till them will completely sold out!


There is also something for little boys and girls theme – STORY TIME collection. Dreamy patterns in pale shades of blue and pink with some lovely embellishments, also your favourite motive ‚To the Moon and Back’! You can find these adorable goodies HERE (I hope so they are still here).

There are some ATLANTIC supplies restocked as well, so if you still don’t have these papers and sea/marine-theme embellishments click HERE to buy some 🙂

This is all what you can get in the coming houres in Studio Calico shop. I wish you good hunting and beautiful projects made with these goodies!



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