NEW Studio Calico goodies!

This is my brand new project made with the latest Studio Calico goodies!!! They are amazing! Remembered the previous post on my blog? I showed you some samples from the latest SC reveal, now I can share my project with you all 🙂 I used some older supplies (mainly papers) and new embellishments and my fav – thickers! I didn’t forget about printables – new designs are beautiful!
I prepared a short tutorial for this fancy piece of backroud. If you are interested in details you have to move to 🙂

un tutoriel simple et rapide pour créer un fond de page dans des tons pâles de turquoise et de rose

Paris is awesome

If you are interested in details please visit my Studio Calico gallery >>> HERE <<<.

Paris 3

Supplies which you can find in a SC shop, papers: South Hampton, Rockport, Bridgeport, Seabrook, Mountain Pass, By Plane, That-A-Way 12×12 paper pad, That-A-Way 6×6 paper pad, Sleep Tight, Storytime; embellishments: thickers Buckaroo, Wood Veneer Weather Shapes, Die Cut Stars, Storytime Boy Tiny Alpha, Cloudy Thin Die Cuts, That-A-Way Mister Huey’s SKY and Storytime Mister Huey’s Mary Mary, and my favourite – printables: Storytime Labels, That-A-Way Labels, Storytime shapes and That-A-Way shapes both designed by In a Creative Bubble.

Talking about entreARTistes – do you know that brand new issue of the magazine is out!!! You can order it >>> HERE <<<.


And in the end – great news! Studio Calico shop now is full of Letterpress goodies!!! If you are interested click >>> HERE <<< or move to MY PREVIOUS ‚letterpress’ post when I link all supplies you need to try Letterpress!!! It will be ‚must have’ of the upcoming season for sure!


and more good news about LETTERPRESS CLASS!!!



2 Komentarze to “NEW Studio Calico goodies!”

  1. wow! Great idea!! I really love your own patterns. Thanks for sharing your tip. ^^


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