Double scOOp :: Studio Calico September kits!


September kits?! No way!!! It’s already autumn mood in the air… nope, you will definitely find more summer than fall compositions on my this month projects. This month’s ‚Double Scoop’ kits are crazy, there are numberous things which are so inspiring! I made nine (nine!!!) layouts this month, so I will publish them in two post. The first one will be today and the second I will show you tomorrow. But if you are so impatient as I am 🙂 you can find them all NOW in Studio Calico Gallery.

First of all, one of the most important information – which kits I get this month: ‚Double Scoop’ Scrapbook Main Kit, ‚Double Scoop’ Project Life Main Kit, and three scrapbook add-ons: 1 – ‚Sprinkles’, 2 – ‚Licorice’ and 3 – ‚Waffle Cone’. In addition to these beauties you can also find: ‚Double Scoop’ Card Kit, ‚Bubblegum’ card add-on and ‚Mint Chip’ Project Life add-on.

Main kits and add-on kits are available for purchase at 12:00 am EST on 8/28/2013.
Remember, the links to purchase the Scrapbook, Card, or Project Life kits will not work until this time.

I open my this month’s gallery with my first layout made with September kits. To create this page I used only Scrapbook add-on 3 – ‚Waffle Cone’ (totally my favourite kit for this month!). You probably saw some a piece of this work in sneaks.

YorkFirst I chose a picture in perfect shades which fit great to the colours in the kit. If you visiting my gallery often. you probably know how much I love all shades of blue and cyan – so this add-on was like a beautiful dream for me! I decided to mixed these turquoise shades with a little bit of brick red (you can also find this colour on my photo). Of course this month’s printables helped me once again to enriched the composition, created layers, etc… I also added some little touches of watercolour effect – I used different watercolour mediums like: Mister Huey’s (of course), peerless watercolours and something new – watercolour Progresso crayons. I was so happy to had an opportunity to worked with new Studio Calico lines – there are plenty of them in these month’s kits!
Oh – and I adore this photo made in old York 🙂 My son was so bored, and it was so hot there… after few houres spent on walking and sightsing he just stood like a professional model 🙂

This project is not so ‚eye catching’, but I really like it because fo it’s title. This is my sweetheart, we are together more than ten years and really… he still keeps me unders his spell! I am so proud of myself that I used this typical for Halloween sticker 🙂 you have no idea! English is not my first language, not even the second one… so if I figure out something not typical I’m proud of myself ahahahah.

under your spell

I made this photo a year ago in Morbish (it’s a little town in Austria) where I was teaching classes. HUGE HUGS FOR ALL MY AUSTRIAN GIRLS!!! We were a lot of fun with girls – they taugh me a nasty Austrian song and we took a lot of hilarious pcitures. Well – it was the end of September and the whole town was so adorable embellish with colourful pumpkings and corns and flowers… everywhere! The picture on my project is a pick of one of them, you can also see one of my favourites flat shoes – silver glitter is everywhere! 🙂 To embellish this layout I use adorable wood veneers form the scrapbook add-on 2 ‚Licorice’ – small pumpkins and tiny cat 🙂 You can find some ‚Toolbox’ printables and some ‚Double Scoop’ printables as well.

Pumpkins in Morbish

My greatest inspiration to create this page was this amazing patterned paper from the latest That-A-Way Studio Calico line! I just grabbed some printables, pieces of other papers, layered them under the photo, added embellishments, labels, lovely speech bubble from the Scrapbook Add-on 2 and the layout was already ready!


And these are awesome this month’s special goodies. Starting from my favourite – ‚Cotton Candy’ Stamp add-on for September. Add the beauty of calligraphy to your projects with this beautiful stamp set by Lindsay Letters. Whether you build the diamonds into a background or just use a word as an accent, this stamp will bring a bit of elegance to any project.


The next are amazingly inspiring, full of gold ‚Lindsay Letters’ Letterpress Card Set. This timeless set of gold metallic letterpressed cards from Lindsay Letters will look beautiful in your pocket pages – or even in a frame on your wall.

Lindsay Letter's Letterpress Card Set

The third favourite goodies are: Wood Veneer Number Set! These die cut wood veneer cards are perfectly sized for pocket pages – but they’d also be a great accent on layouts or cards.


Don’t forget about all Septmber Digitals!!!



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  1. Zure lan guziak izigarri ederrak dire!! Muxu!!


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