Double Scoop :: part II


I hope yesterday a huge part of you Studio Calico lovers bought your dreamy kits! Remember that today you also have an opportunity to grab some from this ‚Double Scoop’ site! Once again I past you the follow links, so you can move there directly from my blog:

‘Double Scoop’ Scrapbook Main Kit, ‘Double Scoop’ Project Life Main Kit, and three scrapbook add-ons: 1 – ‘Sprinkles’, 2 – ‘Licorice’ and 3 – ‘Waffle Cone’. In addition to these beauties you can also find: ‘Double Scoop’ Card Kit, ‘Bubblegum’ card add-on and ‘Mint Chip’ Project Life add-on.

Lazy summer afternoon in the garden – this is my sweetest memory from my residency in United Kingdom, and this page is all about this feeling. White coluds all over the sky, no work, just chilling 🙂

I long to be out in the sun with no work to be done

You is kind,
You is smart,
You is important.
This is my favourite phrase from the movie ‚The Help’ – I think you know this film. I used the photo of my best friends with her daughter when she was crying and Katrin explained her what is good and what’s not… I think it’s adorable and touching…

YOU is kind smart and important

Everybody know that – I’m a witch 🙂 a kind of… I’m weird and not everybody like me at the first sight. Sometimes I have really bad days, bad dreams… ahahah scary! I use that amazingly mysterious paper as a base and I added more watercolour actions, more mists (also my favourite neon pink!), the photo, and a circle full of different thoughts, shades, moods… this is me. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it’s sunny inside my head. So many different feelings, various moods, weird decisions, dangerous thoughts… all of them were so close when I was combining this page.

Time is NOW

My main kit only page looks vibrant beacuse of the mix of bright shades of blue, green and yellow – this palette always works! My favourite composition, layering, watercolours, pencilling… looks nice, but… First I made a HORRIBLE layout! it was something… a disaster!!! I’ve never destroyed any of my pages – this one was the first. I mixed gold doily with cuted flowers, yellow transparency frame and yellow neon mist – catastrophe… I decided not to show it to anybody, but… I had to prepared a Main Kit Only layout so… I cuted the photo and a few printable elements, changed the colour, changed the base and create something new using well know palette and everything went smooth.

You Matter

You know – every time I work in this group of amazing girls, beautiful artists, each time I receive a box with new goodies I feel so good and I really can’t express how much I am appriciate that I can work here in Studio Calico and share with you my vision of their choices. This is like a great adventure month by month.


4 Komentarze to “Double Scoop :: part II”

  1. Anna, I’m in love with your LO! so wonderful works

  2. Zoragarriak!! dotoreziaz eta goxotasunez beteriko artelanak!! muxuak!!

  3. Great pages!, like all your works!
    so nice…


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