A while ago we were at the cinema at the latest Disney Pixar movie – Planes. Before the films stared I had a minute to took this picture of my boys – adorable cousins. Few days ago I received the box full of Studio Calico goodies from new collections – I just couldn’t resist! I had to combine something. I decided to use a paper pocket with transparent window – to hinde the tickets from the movie, and create a vibrant palette with orange from the tickets, neon green, neon yellow and turquoise shades – everything on my favourite white base.

Planes kopia

supplies I used: AC White Cardstock, That-A-Way papers from the 12×12 Paper Pad: By Plane, Mauntain Pass, That-A-Way Stitched Pockets, Magical Envelopes (if you don;t need a neon green elements you can also use THat-A-Way Envelopes), Magical Tiny neon Alpha, That-A-Way Chipboard Thickers – Buckaroo, That-A-Way Plastic Die-Cut Arrows, That-A-Way Mister Huey’s Sky, Neon Yellow mini MIster Huey’s, Atlantic Vellum Die Cuts Shapes, Atlantic Cork Arrow and Chevron, Atlantic Cork Circle Stickers.





4 Komentarze to “Planes”

  1. This is such a great layout!! Those neon colours are awesome!!

  2. Anna Maria it´s amazing how it´s beautiful ! I love Colors you chose ! Kisses from Nouméa

  3. Cette page est vraiment magnifique


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