If I would be a PL scrapbooker…

What would happen if I was a Proejct Life crafter? How my spreads could look like? Where is a secret of the PL success? Why so many people love this kind of scrapbooking – I had know idea, that’s why I decided to try. I was so curious how it works, where is the magic. I thought that I could make a layout inspired by the typical PL spread composition. I made the first one (using Studio Calico October kits) and then I liked it so much and made the second one – this time using Studio Calico new lines! It takes houres for me to compose such layout with all the details, journaligs (which I hate so much; if I could I would write ‚Lorem Impsum’ everywhere in these journaling areas…). I compose only two photos in this „spread”, but you can also find hidding notes, vellum envelope for secred message, some watercolour and gesso actions. There is ‚ME’ on the ‚PL LO’ 🙂

do you like autumn

These are the colours on this year autumn for me. Amazingly warm (but sweet) palette which I will be using a lot during this fall season. If you also like it a lot, you can find many papers and embellishments in the latest Studio Calico ‚That-A-Way’ collection.

do you1

What you can find on this close up is: my totally favourite ‚That-A-Way’ printable by ‚In a Creative Bubble’, lovely ‚That-A-Way’ die-cut Feathers and ‚That-A-Way’ Chalkboard Stickers 12×12 (alphas and icons).

do you2

Here we have this lovely vellum envelope from ‚That-A-Way’ Kraft and Vellum envelopes set and adorable ‚That-A-Way’ tiny alpha stickers. I didn’t use any watercol,ours just three, new lovely shades of Mister Huey’s mists from ‚That-A-Way’ line: Double Yellow, Sky, Canyon.

do you3

I didn’t forget about patterned papers. From ‚That-A-Way’ line I used: ‚Road Map‚, 12×12 Paper Pad and ‚Fables‚ from Storytime.

do you4

I hope you like my idea and this lovely SC new collection. I can;t wait to share with you with the second ‚PL LO’ proejct, but I have to wait till September 27th till reveal October’s reveal. Don’t forget the Studio Calico shop because there are a lot of new items!!!

8 Komentarzy to “If I would be a PL scrapbooker…”

  1. I love it! It’s amazing, you are really an artist…

  2. Wow, love this. I discovered your blog today and I’m amazed with your work. How do you make the watercolor? Is there a tutorial on your site. Would love to include that in my travelalbum that I’m working on.

  3. The result is really great ! Love the harmonious colors, and the vellum envelop !

  4. I just can say one word: stunning!
    Thank your for sharing this!

  5. Najpiękniej na świecie! :))

  6. I really love this page.
    The colors are so beautiful and there are so many lovely details.
    I like the idea to use the PL style on a layout.

  7. It´s beautiful I love it !!!!! Everything you do is beautiful ! Kisses

  8. Absolutly amazing! I love this layout in PL style. Great idea and the warm but lovely colors – my fav!


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