Introducing PRINTSHOP!

I am so happy that I can introduce you to the Studio Calico autumn mid release – PRINTSHOP! designed by dear Shanna Noel. If you want to get more information about this line just move to the Studio Calico Blog.


Look for it to hit stores in mid to late October – visit Studio Calico shop and hit „notify me!” on your favorite items so you’ll get an email as soon as they come in!

Because I get some ‚Printshop!’ items in my October ‚Antiquary’ kits, I was able to prepare a layout with these amazing goodies! Below you will find only a few ‚Printshop!’ vellum die-cuts and one wood veneer star, but in my October projects there will be much more of other ‚Printshop!’ supplies!


The layout is about my favourite hairdo for the summer, but the weather in Poland is soooooo fallish, that’s why I decided to use those colours here. Turquoise and orange are always my first choice when I’m thinking about autumn mood…


The main reason why I made this layout was… Letterpress!!! Finally every little piece of this magical technique came to my place (thank you so much Studio Calico and Celine Navarro!!!). So when you start looking for the details you will find some letterpressed elements here and there…


I used two of my favourite plates: Magic by Kal Barteski and Triangles by Marcy Penner :***


Other supplies are coming from ‚That-A-Way’, ‚Atlantic’ and ‚Storytime’ collections by Studio Calico (of course). Well – this is not my best project ever for sure, but I think that it’s ‚perfectly imperfect’ :)))



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