Antiquary reveal!

I can swear to you that every single month I feel honoured and blessed that I can work my dreamy job here, at Studio Calico Creative Team. This is one of the most amazing places in whole scrapbooking world – full of beautiful souls and amazingly talented people. This is so great that I can work with the best supllies you can find on the market, with a special editions of greatest artists designs… everything seem to be a fairytale! It’s hard to believe that this is the tenth month with these amazingly inspired kits!


What I grabbed this month? ‚Antiquary’ Scrapbook Main Kit, ‚Amsterdam’ scrapbook add-on, ‚Rome’ scrapbook add-on, ‚Vienna’ scrapbook add-on and ‚Dublin’ project life add-on.

Main kits and add-on kits are available for purchase at 12:00 am EST on 9/28/2013.
Remember, the links to purchase the Scrapbook, Card, or Project Life kits will not work until this time.
This is an [Only Amsterdam add-on] project. Amazing kit full of brand new ‚Printshop’ collection!!! This ampersant patterned paper totally charmed me with its colours! I used a lot of watercolours here, add some gold glitter and lovely vellum die-cut shapes. In the end of my work I sticked these adorable wood veneer hearts and ampersant stamps. I adore every little piece of this project – specialy the photo of the cutest little sisters 🙂
This is a horrible hour to wake up, but this year my son started his primary school education so we have to wake up at 6 a.m. Every morning we are so sleepy and there is no ruch in the air – nobody wants to go outside 🙂 I took this photo during one of such mornings. The composition of this project is very simple, but I add some interesting add-ons like hand drawn clock, and coloured ‚pencil’ shape stamp. I coloured the ‚6’ using Black Precision Pen 05 and added a neon yellow stripe made with smooth brush on a patterned paper from the latest ‚Printshop’ line.
Wake up at 6 am
This is all about crazy colour palette. I tried something new with the construction also. I played with these fancy triangles cuted from the patterned paper from the main ‚Antiquary’ scrapbook kit. My main inspiration was the dress of my lovely girls resting in the hammock. I encourage you to look at the close-ups photos to get the details of watercolour actions.
Best day EVER
I know – this one looks so simmilar to the first project in my gallery this month, but you will understand me when you will receive your SC box with this amazing ‚Printshop’ ampersant patterned paper from the ‚Amsterdam’ add-on… I am so in love with these colours! I couldn’t resist myself and in the end of my this month’s work I decided to create one more layout using this paper adn watercolours. It was a pure pleasure and I hope you see this when you are looking at this LO.
As you can see I made a lot of layouts this month, I killed the kits! I used every single detail – that’s why the last project is so different. This is kind of composition play. I was inspired by an old layout which I saw a year ago somewhere in the internet, I don;t remember the title and the author, but I remember a piece of composition constructed with numbers in such crazy way as you can see below. I tried to combine something simmilar, using hard contrast, vibrant red colour and in the oposition to these – soft photo. This is just a clean & simple experiment, but I hope you will feel inspired to use every detail you have in your kit.
It was the first part of my October’s gallery, the bright one. Later I will show you the second, bigger part where you will find more subtle, pale palettes combined with ‚Antiquary’ kits.
I send you lots of sunny kisses from Madrid where I am teaching mixed-media classes right now!

6 Komentarzy to “Antiquary reveal!”

  1. Wow! Wonderful layouts!!! I can’t choose which one likes me more!

  2. Great layouts ! I’m falling in love with the two pages in orange/pink/white combo. So cute the little sis !

  3. Your works are amazing! I love a lot!

  4. Your layouts are so beautiful. The first and fourth one are my favorites. I like the colors you have used.

  5. Wonderful, amazing, beautiful !!!! I love all of them ! Kisses

  6. łooooo matko!!!! jakie niesamowite prace – uwielbiam Twoje scrapy, dobór kolorów i dodatków – niesamowita jesteś:)


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