Antiquary :: sunny October


This is a second part of my October’s ‚Antiquary’ gallery. In this part you will find more subtle shades, lots of greens and yellows, the mood of warm, autumn afternoons.

Let’s start from my favourite. I looooove late summer afternoons! This warm sun light everywhere, the smell of grass… the pictures shows one of such moments. I collection this warm paletter with an accent of lovely green to give you a piece of my happiness 🙂 a little bit of chocolate brown, yellow sunrays, gold…

NOT the end

Pale, feminine layout with a lot of flowers cuted from the Dear Lizzy patterned paper. Some pastel mists used as a watercolours on a gesso base, simple composition and ‚selfie’ photo 🙂 I can’t add nothing more about this project.

hello love

My October’s Main Kit Only is simple and full of soft, autumn and feminine colours. I decided to contrasted them with this amazing photo of my friend’s daughter who loves to play with… Buzz Astral which is not very common for little girls who is almost 4… I adore this month’s main kit and amazingly beautiful printables! I am also in aw! about these outstanding bright green, transpaent alphabet!


I’m sure it will be your favourite project this month… I feel it! remember my fallish layout inspired by PL spread composition ‚Do you like autumn?’ – this project was the first one. These greens and cyans inspired me so much! I used some PL cards from the ‚Dublin’ Project Life add-on, recycled galcine bag, pieces of patterned papers. It was so fun! I adore the idea of Project Life and I think I will start this new adventure soon…


I also used here an amazing watercolour PL card designed by Tina! I hardly recommend you these beauties!!!

LLP watercolour cards

6 Komentarzy to “Antiquary :: sunny October”

  1. The two first pages are my fav’ ! Love the layouts, colors… The bicycle is sooo cute !

  2. Wonderful! As usual! The two first pages are my fav’ too!

  3. It´s beautiful as usual !!!! Kisses from Paris

  4. I really like all but the second is precious!

  5. Your layouts are as beautiful as your photos, so… the result is wonderful.


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