Antiquary :: final chapter

This is my last Antiquary blog post. I was so in love with October’s kits that I ‚killed’ them. I used every little piece of these beauties!!! These are my last two layouts created in feminine, pink/gray palette.

Pure sweetness! I think about this photo and palette… these tiny adorable flowers from the Main SCrapbook Kit patterned paper and lovely ‚LOVELY’ stamps by Lindsey… what can I add to this? I think nothing… enjoy :*


The first week of school was a drama for my son but also for me. He was stressed all the time and I couldn’t help him enough… all of these emotions just tired me. This page is about my loneliness in this hard situation, but not only about this… I decided to worked with circles, rays, differnet patterned papers. I am a little bit bored with this ractangles compos, I tried something different.

Dear stress let's break up.

Please don;t foget about this month’s digital goodies! If you want to buy some you can find them >>> HERE <<<. My favourite PRINTABLES for this month:


I’m still in Madrid. I’m sending all my heart to my lovely Spanish girls from the Bambola Casa Creativa weekend classes! You were amazing! Thank you so much for your laugh and amazing creativity during our meeting! I can’t wait to meet my students in Valencia… I will be there at Saturday, see you there!!! And now I’m going to get to know the city – Madrid, I’m coming!!!


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