December Daily classes in Budapest!

Hi! Did I mentioned here that I am going to teach December Daily classes in Budapest?! Now?! So now it’s the official time to inform you that registration for these November classes in open!!!

DD in Budapest

The event will take place at November the 16th (Saturday) in Rayher Kreativ Centrum in the center of the city of Budapest! There will be two 3,5h classes; the first is from 10:30 to 14:00 and the second one will start at 15:00 to 18:30.

I will be teaching how to create an album base for the whole December month! We wil l be working with some media like gesso, watercolour woodless crayons, October Afternoon ‚Sprinklers’ and the most important – ‚Letterpress’ inks and plates!!!

letterpress and media DD

I will show you how to work with letterpress goodies, how to use these special oily inks, how to placed amazingly beautiful christmassy letterpress plates design by Kal Barteski prepared by Studio Calico! All the papers, alphabets, labels and embellishments will be sponsored by October Afternoon!!! You will find some Rayher supplies as well in your kits. Don’t forget that we will be using also some special Die Cuts from different companies, and Big Shot.

DD kit

If you want to meet with me during these classes in Budapest please register

>>> HERE <<<

You have to remember that we will be working in small group, so there are not many places. Don’t wait, don’t waist your time just click and grab one of these places for yourself! Be prepared for this December!!! If you have any questions you can ask me here in the comments below this post. See you there in three weeks!!!




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