new Somerset Memories publication

I would like to introduce you to the new Autumn 2o13 issue of Somerset Memories magazine where you can find some of my older layouts and a few words about them.

somerset memories autumn 2o13

These are few close-ups of those projects…


And some words borrowed from Stampington & Co. page:

Autumn will soon be in the air and this issue of Somerset Memories will warm your heart and ignite your muse as you sit by the fire and delight in the wonderful scrapbook layouts and memory art filling these pages. The popularity of Instagram is front and center in a darling, palm-sized mini book by artist Emmanuelle Chauvin, along with a beautiful and colorful journal by the talented Mou Saha. Artist Connie Freedman will inspire you with an enchanting, handsome canvas made in honor of her grandfather, and author/artist Melody Nuñez shares her collection of short stories in “Altered Existence” along with the cabinet cards that inspired her novella.

I encourage you to read this amazing article/tutorial by our dear friend Emmanuelle about watercolour techique in mini albums :* Have a lovely, sunny day!

One Comment to “new Somerset Memories publication”

  1. Thank you my dear ❤ And lovely layouts by the way 😉


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