Is it Friday yet?

No? Well… maybe tomorrow we will be able to start the weekend 🙂 Now I would like to show you my latest project made with Studio Calico lines and my favourite Letterpress elements. This time I took one of my best friend’s photo. This is my sweet little ‚brother’ Damian. I was inspired by his great personality and lovely green shade of his jacket.

Is it Friday yet

Start from the Letterpress. What you will need to create such effect on your project: die cutting machine like Big Shot or Cuttlebug, Letterpress Bundle: (Letterpress platform, Ink base, Ink Guide Strips, Cleaning Cloths, 3” Brayer, Printing Plate Adhesive, Paper Placement Guides). Letterpress Plate ‚Triangles‚,  set of letterpress plates ‚Magic‚, you can cut the ‚YES’ shape using scissors or you can buy these amazing ‚Hello’ craft-die. To create this effect about I used three different colours of letterpress inks: Dark Green, Teal Blue and Yellow.

is it 1

The supplies I used are coming from the LATEST Studio Calico LINES. You can noticed that I also used some samples from amazing ‚Printshop‚ collection – I have some good news for you which I shared on my Facebook page two days ago, that ‚Prinshop‚ collection is now available in Studio Calico shop!

is it 3

Soon I will share my second layout with letterpress technique. I just adore this technique since my artistic studiest and I am so happy that it’s finally familiar with scrapbooking world, available for everybody. Since we are still waiting for new designs of letterpress plates, I have to present you the latest ‚Spirit’ plate design by one of my favourite designers – Kal Barteski. You have to order it as soon as possible! I can’t wait till my will arrive.



6 Komentarzy to “Is it Friday yet?”

  1. Una página con un color muy llamativo y diferente a los que nos tienes acostumbrados…. me encanta el verde!!!!
    Un beso

  2. It’s gorgeous! i like it a lot! Great job, like all yours. I’ve done some scrap works, even I’m a beginner ; – ). I invite to visit my blog: A lot of kisses! Montse

  3. love the green splashes!!! By the way, is that a mr hueys or something ’cause I love that green!!


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