A star among the constellation…

This is my second Studio Calico page inspired by mixing letterpress and watercolour techniques – I love that! It can’t be nothing more interesting than explore new possibilities in mix and match – techniques and colours! Any questions? I don’t think so… it’s a pure joy to work with such amazingly beautiful designs from Studio Calico


So sorry for the photo, but my camera is broken and I used my friend’s Canon which is totally different than mine :/ I will replace this picture when I will buy the new one. Let’s back to the point – Letterpress – once again. My main inspiration in this project was a costellation design: first one on the ‚Atlantic’ pattern paper and the second – on the letterpress plate. I mixed some pink, blue and navy letterpress inks, created this constellation pattern and next I added some watercolours.

be a star 1

All these colours are coming from the picture. The thickers are also from Studio Calico – That-A-Way and Printshop lines.

be a star 3

I hope you like my latest collection with mixing letterpress and watercolour techiniques 🙂 I really enjoy the work with both of them. I wish you lovely evening!


6 Komentarzy to “A star among the constellation…”

  1. Your layout is simply amazing ! You’re so talented, that’s ART ! Always love your creations

  2. That looks great. These two techniques work very well together and the colors are amazing.

  3. piękna praca! choć taka trochę inna.. 🙂

  4. cudnie! kolory, układ, wszystko!

  5. Beautiful layout! Really inspiring

  6. wowww !!!!!! me encanta !! precioso fabuloso ! ole ole !! felicidades !! besitos desde ceuta !! @macaliu


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