Studio Calico say hello :: ‚Cuppa’ reveal.

Let me introduce you to the November Studio Calico ‚Cuppa’ gallery! We will start with some autumn layouts.


The first one ‚Hello Handsome’ is made only with the ‚Cuppa’ Scrapbook Main kit. I think it was the easiest [MKO] project ever since these eleven months. The colours match together perfectly in an autumn mood, this month’s printables are just stunning (thank you girls!!!) and I had a remarkable picture full of fall which was the best for this project. I combined a simple, popular composition but there are some special embellishments: printable deer and self-stitched ‚+’ marks. I hope you enjoy the November palette.

Hello Handsome Fall

‚Home is where you are…’ – this is all about the colours – green of grass, gray-blue coming from sky… I hope you will like it.

Home is where you are

Autumn mood is everywhere here! so yellow… beautiful paper! lovely Helllo Forever stickers, other embellishments. I can’t add nothing more.

remarkable for sure

Now some projects which are full of amazing memories from Madrid!!! I met there a lot of fantastic, good people with beautiful hearts and minds full of lovely thoughts!

girls from Ceuta

These are the links to the rest of the kits I used to create these projects:

‚Cuppa’ Project Life kit       ‚Cuppa’ Card kit

Chamomile’ scrapbook add-on       ‚Chai’ scrapbook add-on

‚Gingerbread’ scrapbook add-on

‚Earl Grey’ Project Life add-on       ‚Cinnamon Spice’ Card add-on

‚Peppermint’ Stamp add-on

Main kits and add-on kits are available for purchase at 12:00 am EST on 10/28/2013.
Remember, the links to purchase the Scrapbook, Card, or Project Life kits will not work until this time.

printables for november

Please remember about PRINTABLES and other DIGITAL ELEMENTS for this month – they are remarkable as always!!! Thank you ‚Hello Forever‚ and ‚In a creative bubble‚ for these designs!!!


3 Komentarze to “Studio Calico say hello :: ‚Cuppa’ reveal.”

  1. In my opinion „hello handsome” is one of the most interesting proyect you have made in a lot of time….. MMmmmmm not! All of yours all amazing. Do you know what??? You rock Anna Maria!!! hahaha
    And do you know what again? I’m from Spain, Ceuta specifically… I’m not on this proyect because never pay attention Anixu (my dear friend)….
    She was all the summer telling me that I must go to Madrid for your workshop… Now I’m sorry about that…
    Soooooo you have to come back to Spain and share your knowledge with me hahaha.
    The „Ceuta girls”, all of them, all very enthusiastic about your (them) proyect. (You know, they haven’t got a healthy mind….
    Kisses from Spain!

  2. Your layouts are so gorgeous! I love seeing how you use the kits each month.


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