Christmas mood in ‚Cuppa’ kits!


This is my favourite part of November’s ‚Cuppa’ gallery – projects created with ‚Gingerbread’ and ‚Peppermint’ add-ons! Remember that you can also enrich your christmassy supplies with ‚Cinnamon’ card add-on which has amazing stamps and other goodies! OK – let’s start. Oh, and don;t forget about ‚Holiday PL Cards’ – they are also fantastic.

Do you believe in Grinch? Well – I have one at home 🙂 I used these amazing Kal Barteski stamps from the ‚Peppermint’ add-on and a LOT of gold glitter 🙂 I love everything about this project, hopr you feel inspired.

Believe in Grinch

The second project in christmassy mood. A little bit of Project Life inspirations, some vintage elements (becasue of the base paper). Not very typical palette but I think everything works great here 🙂  This time I add some silver glitter accents here and there.

Piece Love Joy

It’s time to finish the November gallery – this is something totally crazy in composition and in colour. This layout was inspired by this amazing digonal paper from the Main ‚Cuppa’ Scrapbook kit! All the colours are coming from this funny photo of my brilliant son who made a silly ‚paper boy’ from the cardboard box 🙂 Hope you enjoy – specially the watercolour part of this project.

Bloody Brilliant

One Comment to “Christmas mood in ‚Cuppa’ kits!”

  1. uwielbiam ten pierwszy LO!!! a poza tym to jestem fanką Twojej twórczości już od dawna i strasznie lubię tu zaglądać 🙂 pozdrawiam


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