October Afternoon guest designer!!!

Hiiiiiiii!!! My dreams come true every time I open a happy e-mail! This time it was something totally amazing. I feel honoured to inform you, that I will be a guest designer at October Afternoon blog during whole November!!! With my work I will try to introduce you to the newest christmas line – ‚Silent Night’. I received a huuuuge box full of these goodies (oh, happy me!). At every Friday I will be preparing some tutorials and articles about various techniques which you can use in your christmassy projects.


For today I prepared two, quite simmilar layouts. Their compositions are totally different but they were built on the same colour palette. These colours are coming from all ‚Silent Night’ supplies. I am in love with these cyans, reds and beiges with a touch of green.

Baby it is cold outside(these letters are coming from different Studio Calico kits and they are not a part of ‚Silent Night’ line)
Baby it is 1 (2)
Baby it is 1 (3)

You can find here everything what I will try to teach you in my next posts: how to work with October Afternoon Sprinklers, now to create glitter splashes, now to combine the layers… so please treat this post as an introduction to our future meetings on OA blog.

Fun find

This layout is the example of how to use these lovely paper sew banners in the easiest way.  To be true I had no idea what to do with them and this kind of ornament seemed to be the best solution. I grabbed sew banners, stickers, labels, brads and chipboards in one place, added one of my favourites photos made three years ago, and combined a few simple layers.

Fun find  (1)

Fun find  (2)

+   +   +

Talking about Christmas… I have to  remind you that October Afternoon is the main sponsore of my December Daily 2o13 classes in Budapest!!!

DD in Budapest

This is your last chance to sign up for the classes!!! If you are interested and still didn’t book your place there just click HERE!!!
you have only four days till the end of registration.

+   +   +

Wish you amazing weekend and hope to see with you next Friday. Hugs!!!

2 Komentarze to “October Afternoon guest designer!!!”

  1. Najpiękniejsze świąteczne LOsy jakie widziałam 🙂

  2. Anna-Maria Congratulations!! your projects are gorgeous and I love your art forever!!


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