Glitter splashes tutorial

Welcome my dear readers! We meet once again with October Afternoon supplies! This is the second Friday when I am a guest designer of this brand. I prepared something special for today’s post. A short and easy ‚glitter splatters’ tutorial which is perfect for all your chrismtassy projects!


Let’s start. We will need just a few things to do these fabulous splatters. Glue (I use a Ranger glue, but it can be every liquide paper glue you usually use), water, brush and glitter.


 Put a tiny drop of glue on something (I used a nut from a little jar), and water and mixed it in 1:2 proportion (two parts of water).

SONY DSCNow just make some water-glue splatter on your surface and don’t let them dry until…SONY DSC… you sprinkle them by the glitter.


Let the glue with glitter dry and then just blow the excess of glitter. The splattters are ready. It’s very easy, isn’t it? And how attractive! I really love these splatters, I used some in one of my last week projects (‚Baby it’s cold outside‚).


Here you have an example, my ‚very merry’ reindeer! Of course the whole project is made with latest October Afternoon line – ‚Silent Night’!


 This time I didn’t make any chaotic splashes. I painted (using a water-glue mixture) this chevron pattern and then I sprinkled it with glitter. The whole process is the same as above, only a shape of it is different.

I hope my ‚glitter splashes’ tutorial was helpful. I would like to see your project with this techinique as well! Have a nice weekend. Soon we will seen with brand new Studio Calico December senak peeks!!!


3 Komentarze to “Glitter splashes tutorial”

  1. Beautiful LO, thanks for this amazing tutorial!!!

  2. This is so beautiful Anna. Thank you for this great tutorial. Love it

  3. Shared on my Facebook page!!!! You taught me how make these amazing splatters!!!! ^_^


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