Lory & Anna-Maria a Roma!

Finally! Finally my friends, I will visit Italy to teach my watercolour technique!!! It’s gonna be an amazing event where Lory and me will share  our scrapbooking and mixed-media knowledge with you!

AM Lory Roma

The event will take place at February 23th (Sunday) in Rome! The participants will be able to take part in two different classes. The topics  are: mini-album, two layouts, letterpress, watercolours and other media, layering, etc… We will be working with amazing kits in great atmosphere!!! The number places is limited so don’t wait to long with your decision! If you already decided that you want to take part in this fabulous scrapbooking event just write on one of these e-mails and book your place!

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Irene :: irene.calicchia@libero.it

Lory :: lory_bucaria@libero.it

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I will give you more details soon! I am so happy that I will have a possibility to meet with Italian girls! I’m sure it will be great adventure for us!


4 Komentarze to “Lory & Anna-Maria a Roma!”

  1. magnificheeee!!!!!!!! attendo qualche info in più 😉

  2. yeah! I sent an email to irene and I’m in!!!!

  3. I’ll be there! I am so looking forward to meet you after all my Spanish friends from Ceuta and Madrid had told me about you!


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