What you can do with Sprinklers…

This is my third Friday meeting with October Afternoon readers. This time I decided to show my dear readers one of the possibilities how to use October Afternoon Sprinklers!

This is one of my favourites technique to use them at the same way as custom watercolours. Here you have a short tutorial with step by step photos how to work with colours to get the watercolour effect on your project.


First I combine a simple composition based on two, bright pattern papers with some green elements. I added the main motive of this project – christmas trees (the motive suits to the theme of the photo I chose for this layout). I applied some gesso here and there all over the composition using an old credit card, and I left it until it completely dried up (this is very important information; gesso have to be completely dry till you start working with Sprinklers or other media).


Now take a brush and put a huge drop of water on the gesso surface. Till it will be dry, open the Sprinkler bottle and apply the paint using the Sprinkler’s applicator or smooth brush. Put the drop of colour into the drop of water…


… work at the same way with other colours of your Sprinklers. Try to mix them a little bit. Don’t use a lot of colours, for the begining I recommend you to use different shades of one colour or mix just of two colours like I did here.


Apply more and more colour untill the effect will be good enough in your opinion. When your painting will be dry you can add some opaque white splashes then you will get and effect of snowy weather 🙂

Here is my ready project made with October Afternoon ‚Silent Night’ collection and my favourite Sprinklers:

OA Christmas Tree


Now I am probably landing in Budapest becasue tomorrow I will have great pleasure to meet my Hungarian friends! Can’t wait to create with you this year December Daily album with October Afternoon supplies and Studio Calico Letterpress prints! See you there!!!


8 Komentarzy to “What you can do with Sprinklers…”

  1. świetna praca, a te chlapania- REWELACJA! 🙂

  2. I absolutely love this layout 🙂

  3. You and your proyects are incredible!!!!! The water loves you, you know….

  4. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your technique…I will definitely have to try this out!

  5. What a beautiful layout.

  6. Hi Anna! I love this 🙂 can you do the same things with watercolors? I use bazzill cardstock and gesso and getting the texture coming through too much. Does it work on patterned paper better?


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