Aaaa!!!! Decembrrrrrr…

OMG! I was travelling only for a week and I have so many backlogs!!!  Where to start?! One of my favourites months just started and I hope I will have enough time to my here on my blog more often than last months…  So… maybe we can start from my favourite – Studio Calico December kits?!


This month’s ‚Blue Note’ kits are just incredibly colourful!!! I love that it’s not typical – white/red/green palette as you can usually find in the December’s sets. Today I will publish a few christmass/wintery layouts made with Scrapbook ‚Blue Note’ Main and three scrapbook add-ons: Sintara, Benett and Holiday.

Starting from my favourite this month – very simple, pastel, bright, made with one of my favourites photos which I made. It reminds me some fantastic moments I spent with my best friend at the seaside in the middle of freezy winter.

this is the question

I was inspired by these amazing confetti rub-ons, I love them! I mixed them with some lovely printables – which are one of the bests SC designs. I also added the rub-on alpha which is one of the exclusives for this month.

lomo diana

‚Last minute’ project, created and inspired by the colours, lovely neaons on the neutral, grey background. Just playing with splashes and lovely paper elements…


This is a kind of christmassy project where I used the bigger range of colours as usually. There is a happiness and a little bit of my sense of humor about the upcoming holidays. I hope you will take it with a clear wink ( with a pinch of salt ). This is the last one for today 🙂

no good


What’s more? Well, December has just started and you can observe a lot of special ‚December Daily’ blog all around the internet. I would like to introduce you to the very special DD blog – the Polish one, where you will be able to find daily christmas inspirations. Yep – it’s all written in Polish, but then there are also pictures that speak for themselves, aren’t they?
grudzienWelcome at the Polish December Daily blog: ‚Grudzień codziennie‚. This is a group of talented Polish ladies who want to inspire you by their ideas:


We start with my post (it’s an incident, just because I prepared an article about Advent Calendar and as you probably know it’s necessary from the early begining of the month). Enjoy the pistures or use your google translator 🙂 I keep my fingers crossed in the hope that you will be able to understand anything.



And now – quick come back to Studio Calico… because… there is a CYBER MONDAY today!!!


This Monday only, we’re bringing some of your favorite cut designs, printables, and digital stamps and templates out of retirement. If that’s not exciting enough, then you’ll be happy to hear that they are all 50% off! But this sale won’t last long, so make sure to check out our Cyber Monday Digital Shop today!


For 24 Hours only, you can get our Silhouette Cameo Bundle for just $199! You won’t find a better deal anywhere else. Supply is limited, so be sure to pick yours up this Monday at an all time low price! Click here to find out more about this bundle. This offer is not valid on previous purchases. Domestic Orders ship FREE. [shipping to Poland $30 only!!! ].

OK!!! I’m done for today 🙂 I was pretty long post, thank you to those who wrote all of these words above. Hope to see you more often with you this month.


3 Komentarze to “Aaaa!!!! Decembrrrrrr…”

  1. Love the first page and also the Advent calendar. Traditionnal colors are always my fav’ 🙂

  2. Welcome home! Thanks for the link, it’s a beautiful blog! Congrats for these layouts… amazing!

  3. Anna-Maria love all your layouts so much! Now I’m going to polish blog you recommended)))


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