a lot of Studio Calico goodies!

I still owe you a publication of subsequent works done with Studio Calico ‚Blue Note’ kits.  Today I would like to invite you for the meeting with two sweet little babies – my beloved son Jaś and my ‚almost daughter’ – adorable Basia 🙂
When I saw this violet for the first time I was like ‚oh’… but I found this old photo of my son and decided to create something in this palette. I use a lot of watercolours – they are not so visible at the photo, but you have to believe me.

lovely days

During my work with ‚Blue Note’ kits I had a crisis. I had enough of winter and cold shades so I took a craft background and a piece of this amazingly beautiful and warm chevron paper and I created this girlish, summerish page.


I still have one more layout made with ‚Blue Note’  main scrapbook kits only, but I will leave it for next time. Now I have something very imporant to write – it can change your scrapbooking life for next year!

IT will be the BEST Christmas present for you – scrapbooking lovers!!! I can’t imagine nothing better than that! (Hey you, yes YOU – perfect hubby – it will be the best gift idea for your crafty wife!). A subscription to Studio Calico for next six months or – for the next whole year!!!


Now is the best time because Studio Calico will even throw in a free gift for new subscribers! Scroll down to the bottom of >>> THIS PAGE <<<and pick a BOX to get started!And guess what? You will get a free GIFT EVERY MONTH for the next six months!!!
And… there is something more! If you will subscribe right now, you will get a huge bag full of various stamps for FREE!!! (value of the bag is $30!!!). Don’t wat, don’t miss the great promo! I promise you that it’s the best idea for your next scrappy year 🙂


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