December Daily 2o13 :: 1st :: 4th

During last two days we have a very strange weather in Pland. It’s not typical for our country, but there is a big hurrican ‚Xavier’. Last night I couldn’t sleep at all – probably becasue of this weather. Also thanks to this situation – I finally made my December Daily album for this year!!! I am so happy becasue last days I was so unsure if it will appear.
I was thinking about few different colour options for this year, but finally I stuck in the traditional white/gold/red christmassy palette. I won’t write you about other options becasue maybe I will leave that ideas for next year 🙂 We will see, maybe I will create another – not december – album? Keep your fingers crossed!
In advence I would like to apologize you for the amount of pictures of the cover – I really can’t decide which of these photos I like most.


Year by year I’m trying to find the best title for my December Daily album. This time it’s: ‚We are all made of stars‚. Mainly I used materials which are coming from different Studio Calico kits from last year. There are Studio Calico ‚Magical’ elements as well. Special ‚thanks’ ale coming to my favourite Polish die-cuts company – Scrapiniec – and its owner Domi :* The rest are just supplies ‚from the box’.


I chose the same, small format as usually. I think that A6 is one of the best sizes for mini albums and it works great with different sizes of project life cards!


Let’s start with pages. I didn’t have a lot of time at the begining of this month, so there are not so many pictures inside. But I found some so today I can show you few first days of my December – from the 1st to the 4th.


This is an ‚opening-page’ of my album. It’s a pitty that the photos don’t show all the details, sorry…


A half of the first day of December I spent with my beloved ‚support system’ and best friend (in one person) in a beautiful city – Rome. At the end of the days I was sitting at home and hugged my son after almost all week we spent separately.


At the forth of December, the tree of us went to the cinema to see the latest Disney’s movie – ‚Frozen’. In the ‚secret’ pocket I hid the tickets. And these are the end of my first four days of this month. If you are interested in the detials photos please ivist my Studio Calico gallery. Tomorrow I will publish days 5th to 7th :* Thank you so much for visiting my blog! :*


14 Komentarzy to “December Daily 2o13 :: 1st :: 4th”

  1. z wielką niecierpliwością czekałam na Twój grudniownik – i nie zawiodłam się! jak zwykle, przepięknie u Ciebie 😀

  2. precioosoo !!!!!! me encantaa !! creo que me he enamoradoo !!!
    que artes tienes !!! no me canso de verlooo !!! en nada te conozco en bambolaa !!! muuuacks

  3. how beautiful and gentle! Anna you are my ArtHero 🙂

  4. best DD ever! you rock sweetie! only one week 🙂

  5. przepiękny!!! z ogromną niecierpliwością czekam na ciąg dalszy 🙂 mój już się robi i też mam takie złociutkie gwiazdeczki 🙂

  6. Genialny po prostu! 🙂

  7. Very very beautiful!!!

  8. I lOve it!!! And I agree with those magical words: yes we are all made of stars! Star dust but full of love…


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