Pure JOY :: mini album

Yesterday during my ‚pinning’ session I accidentally came across at this AMAZING cover… It was an impuls…

album inspiration from that to this

I created almost simmilar cover and it was a begining for the whole album 🙂 The title is ‚JOY‚ – because it is all about joy and about great fun which I had yesterday evening when I was created this mini book. I invite you for the jouney with magenta shade of pink and some neutrals :*

album JOY 00

album JOY 01

album JOY 02

album JOY 03

album JOY 04

album JOY 5

album JOY 06

album JOY 07

As you probably noticed I used Studio Calico supplies from the latest Printshopcollection and a lot of other things (mailny stamps) from Studio Calico kits which I collected during last year.
If you are interested in the details of this album please move to my SC gallery >>> HERE.



20 Komentarzy to “Pure JOY :: mini album”

  1. whouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu magnifique !! Georgous! I really like your scrap! and what beautiful pictures!
    Kisses from France!

  2. This is freaking gorgeous.

  3. i wish i could do clouds like you!!!! love it!

  4. Absolutely awesome!! Simple and full of content!
    Kisses from Barcelona!

  5. Incredible album!
    How much energy in this splash of paints….I am impressed.
    This pure geometry and balance of empty space…perfect!!

  6. Simplemente precioso!!!! Just gorgeuos!!!! Enjoy your weekend at Madrid with my friends!!!!!!!! Kisses.

  7. It’s so beautiful !

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! We will see soon…in Madrid, saturday evening!!!!! yeaaah!!! ^_^

  9. a beauty ! totally what I love:) hugs

  10. Ohhhh Anna-Maria!!!!! it’s very very beautiful!!!! So nice!!!!

  11. Brutal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Love your album, it’s really, really beautiful! But who did the original cover?

  13. It’s an amazing album… like always!

  14. Pink + Delicious = Pinkolicious!)))))))))


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