‚Scrapbooking by Heart’ :: classes in France

Welcome, welcome!!! We have a beautiful sun  today in Poland which gave me a lot of new energy to create! Besides I can’t wait my weekend classes in Madrid and Tres Cantos! I’m leaving at Friday and I’m sure it will be a great fun – as always.

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Talking about classes – I came here today becasue I have some exciting news for my French girls (and boys if there are some). I will be teaching mixed-media mini book classes at the first weekend of February 2o14 (1st & 2nd) near Paris in Maisons-Alfort  >>> Scrapbooking & Co. place!!!

scrapbooking & co with Prisca kopiaI will be teaching with my scrappy hero – Prisca Jockovic!!! OMG!!! I can’t wait. The event will take two days. I will be teaching the same class at Saturday and at Sunday.

Soon I will be able to show you a piece of the fantastic kit I’m preparing for you. It will be full of fabulous colours and… exclusive supplies prepared especially for you! Of course I will introduce you to the watercolour technique which I love most, but I also like to show you some new things like for example Letterpress!!! I want to prove you, that this is an amazing effect which can enrich your scrapbooking projects.

Well, I know that there are not to many places and some of them are already taken so please don’t wait. You can make yourself a great gift for the upcoming Christmas. I think that there is nothing better than spending time toghether with  great company! So take your friends and book your place at our ‚Scrapbooking by Heart’ classes as soon as possible! The details you can find here on Scrapbooking & Co. blog or you can write on this e-mail: scrapbookingandco@gmail.com
See you there in the begining of February!!!



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