December Daily :: 8th

I was waiting to you these ‚8th’ pages becasue I thought that I will fill the 9th and 10th, but I didn’t. So I won’t waist more time. I’m publishing my special December the 8th day now. Last days I had A LOT of logical work with preparing kits for my spring classes – and as you probably know – this is the hardest work for me becasue I just can’t count, I can’t think in a logical way – this is something what is a nightmare for me. I didn’t have time for anything else – only e-mails, notes, thinking, counting, writing… It is hard to come back to the christmas mood, but I will do that for sure! Well, stop talking, these is my next DD pages 🙂

DD album day 8th a

DD album day 8th b

This time I used old PL cards from previous Studio Calico PL kits, one ‚Current’ card designed by Tina Aszmus- also from Studio Calico shop and my favourite – LETTERPRESS elements. There is’invisible’ letterpressed constellation on one page and gold letterpress ‚YES’ designed by Kal Barteski.

DD album day 8th details (1)

I have to admit that I am pround of these pages and I’m sure that they will be my favourites this year! 🙂

You always made a December Daily album this year? I have a great surprise for you!!! If you show us your December Daily cover to IG and use the hashtag #‎DecDailyCover‬ for a chance to win a Blue Note Project Life® kit and a feature on @studio_calico blog.


entries must be posted by 12.12.2013



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