‚Copper Mountain’ sneak peeks

I know it’s Saturday, but I didn’t have enough time yesterday to write this post. I’m still not prepare enough for this Christmas, I have a lot of work and almost no time to do so… But I just HAVE TO share with you some impressions about the upcoming Studio Calico kits.

First of all – I would like to officially inform you all that I will stay in my creatmy SC company for the whole next year! yupiii!!!!! I’m still  pinching myself ‚is it true’, the same as more than one year ago when I get my first e-mail from Studio Calico with the invitation to the creative team. I feel so blassed that I have an opportunity to spent time with such amazing people and inspirational scrapbookers like these girls below:


Agnieszka Malyszek | Ali Edwards | Allison Waken | Amanda Caves | Amy Tan

Anna-Maria Wolniak (it’s me) | April Foster | Barbara Picinich | Becky Novacek | Catherine Davis | Celeste Vermeend | Celine Navarro

Carissa Wiley | Chari Moss | Elizabeth Kartchner | Emily Branch | Dana Fleckenstein | Deb Duty | Elise Blaha Cripe

Geralyn Sy | Gillian Nelson | JJ Bolton | Jennifer Picard | Julie Campbell | Kelly Noel | Kim Stewart

Leena Loh | Lexi Bridges | Lilin Fang | Lisa Truesdell | Loredana Bucaria | Maggie Massey | Maggie Holmes

Marcy Penner | Melanie Louette | Natalie Elphinstone | Nicole Reaves | Nicole Samuels | Paige Evans | Robyn Werlich

Shanna Noel | Stephanie Washburn | Stephanie Baxter | Suzy Plantamara | Tina Aszmus

Let’s back to the sneaks for January. Before December 14th I created my own January moodboard for ‚Copper Mountain‚ kits. This is only my subjective impression about these supplies, but I think so inspirational! 🙂


If you are interested in ‚real’ sneaks you just have to move >>> HERE. And below you will find some of my own close ups. You can also follow me on my Instagram and Pinterest to be updated 🙂

at 1

nothing 2

wonderful 2

mon 1

I wish you great weekend and I will be here at Monday with a mixed-media step by step tutorial prepared just for you with December kits!



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