‚Blue Note’ watercolour die cuts :: tutorial!

Hi! It’s been a year till I start working with Studio Calico at it was the best year in my scrapbooking life – thank you for your support everybody! What can I do to repay you – I think the best idea is prepare a step by step tutorial with the Blue Note‚  Scrapbook Main kit!   ha! I hope you will enjoy.
I decided to make a blue/navy layout with a touch of red and some white space – all of these colours you can find in December kits. You won’t need nothing more than a few things from the Scrapbook Main and ‚Blue Noteprintables to create simmilar project as I made.

I used a diamond shape cardboard as a mask. To get a proper shade of blue mist I added a few drops of ultramarine ink to the bottle of Mister Huey’s ‚Bazinga’ mist.


I used ‚dirty’ cardboard mask, recycled glassine bag and transparent foil with silver stars to create the layers under my photos. Close to the darkness parts of the photos I applied some thin layer of gesso and afternoon it dried I paint a little bit using peerless watercolours and the same shade of Mister Huey’s I used for misting.


Next I added some printable details, ultramarine tangled thread, a title and ‚december’ stamp. I puted a printable tag into the hidden pocket made with glassine bag and…


 … my layout was ready. Oh, I forgot that I also make some tiny splashes using Mister Huey’s Opaque White – my totally favourite not only for the winter projects.

first snow
first snow 1

first snow 2
I hope you find my tutorial as useful and worth to try.

Supply list – Studio Calico Blue Note Scrapbook kit; printables – Hello Forever labels & printables and In A Creative Bubble Blue Note printables; mist – Studio Calico Mister Huey’s Bazinga & Opaque White; other – watercolors.

This is a ‚week challenge’ at Studio Calico posted today, I’d love to have you take the inspiration from this tutorial and use it on your own project! Share your new project for the challenge in the SC gallery (add the hashtag #SCchallenge to make it easier to find!), then link up your project in the comments of this post by December 30th to be entered to win a $5 gift card to the Studio Calico Shop!

Lovely Monday! We will see just after Christmas because it will be the best day in every month – the day of reveal! 🙂


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