‚Copper Mountain’ reveal night!!!


We will say ‚good bye’ to this marvelous 2o13 with Studio Calico January ‚Copper Mountain’ kits!!! This year we have some little changes so just because I am in a scrapbook creative team, you will be able see only Scrapbook Main and Scrapbook Add-on kits here on my blog and in the gallery.


So this time I prepared two Main Scrapbook Kit Only projects and three pages which are the mix of sb main and the scrapbook add-ons:

Freemont Glades           High Point          Slingshot

copper mountain addons

And now – my layouts. First two pages are Main SB Only. If you are in love with these amazing pattern papers which are exclusive for the kits or the other which you can find in the add-on remember that you can buy them as well!

SC Patterned Paper      Add-on Patternred Paper     More Patterned Paper

Main kits and add-on kits are available for purchase at 12:00 am EST on 12/28/2013.
Remember, the links to purchase the Scrapbook, Card, or Project Life kits will not work until this time.

at home

When I was created this project I used different colour of Mister Huey’s and Transparent Watercolour Papers. This is also a place where I used lots of different colours of various stamp pads. I used something about ten different shades. All of them you can find in Studio Calico shop. I think that a huge range of inks pads is a ‚must have’ for all of us! As the main embellishments I used feathers cuted from the October Afternoon paper which you can find in Scrapbook Main Kit this month. And of course – my favourite printables.

nothing else matters

This is not my typical composition of the layout and I really have no idea why I compose this page like this, but I like it 🙂 I made a huuuge journaling part – which is also something unusual for me. I combined the photo with this awesome printable PL card designed by Shanna Noel I added two of the stamps from the main set and red puffy heart. Triangle coffetti was cuted from the pattern paper.

Now other three layouts made with mix of main and scrapbook add-ons:

Woderful smile

When I saw so many green and turqoise shades in the add-ons I decided that I will use this very old photo of my son. I remember that day, he was 1.5 year old than and laught so loud! 🙂 I have a lot of beautiful memories with that moment. Once again I used amazing printable PL cardds by Shanna which you can find in Studio Calico Digital shop.

Mon Cheri

This project was inspireed by the photo orf my son’s feet 🙂 I think it’s so adorable (when they are clean of course). I decided to stay in the bright palette with white bacground and pastel printables and embellishments. The mood of this layout is soft and subtle. I like such kinds of scrapbook pages most.

For this layout below I prepared a quick step by step tutorial so I will write something more it next time 🙂 Stay tuned! 🙂

You are my weakness

If you are interested in the details of these projects and maybe some particular supplies I used to create them please move to my Studio Calico Gallery >>> HERE. Thank you so much and… let’s start a new adventure!!! If you enjoy SC kits and this amazing community maybe you will make a New Year present for yourself and start a subscribtion?! If you already made a decision this is the link which will help you to descover the details >>> HOW TO START? <<< count on you! 🙂

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  1. J’adore ces jolies pages toutes en douceur.



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