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Sweet Dreams :: Sugar Rush kits

How was your this-night reveal? Did you get what you want? Or maybe you are still on a fence and have no idea what to choose? Well – there are not a lot to choose right now, but you still can buy some lovely ‚sugar’ things! What you can do is (for sure) to buy one of the main ‚Sugar Rush’ kits – which are AMAZING! you can find them >>> HERE.

sugar rush mains

There is still one scrapbook add-on – ‚Jelly Bean‚,  card add-on ‚Taffy‚ with Lemon Lush goodies and Sugar Rush Paper Pad which I adore 🙂

I forgot to add one more ‚Sugar Rush’ layout yesterday. I made it with ‚Sugar Rush’ scrapbook main kit and few supplies from the add-ons and printables – of course 🙂 I was inspired by this amazing picture of my sleeping baby when he was really cute and my older layout (I love this composition so I re-used it once again).

sweet dreams

Once again in these reveal I painted some tiny flowers using Peerless Watercolour Papers. If you have any questions about this project please leave your comments below this post – it will be easier for me to answer and more people will get the message. If you sent me so many e-mails it so difficult to send you an answer immediately. Thank you :*


+     +     +

And now super-duper news!

NEW Studio Calico lines are in the shop now!!!


We are still waiting for ‚Wanderlust’ goodies but they will appear soon… so stay tuned and click ‚notify me‚ button to be sure that you will get an information just when these supplies will be available. This week will be pretty excited!!! And remember that at the end of the month there is a LAST CALL – I will let you know when exactly when I will get the message 🙂 Love ya!


‚Sugar Rush’ reveal!!!


Don’t kid ourselves, February is not the prettiest month in a year… I don’t like it at all, but… Studio Calico February kits will make this month a special time! Sugar Rush kits are one of my favourites ever! There are so many beautiful pattern papers great for the LO background and to embellish the page, some of them are coming form he latest SC lines like ‚Lemon Lush‚, ‚Essentials‚ and ‚Wanderlust‚. Embellishments are soooooo delicious! I can’t wait, I have to share with you my projects. At the begining – tow main kit only layouts.

early days funny faces

I printed some of my favourites photos from the early days of my son’s life. At these photos above Jaś was only two week old (or even less). I compose two of them with the scraps of various pattern papers and exclusive kraft tags. I added pieces of sunburst washi tape and of course – my very favourite – printable labels and other designs.


When I combined then all together in a few layers I spread a little bit of gesso here and there on the paper (it was not a custom cardstock or watercolour paper, but B side of one of the patterned papers fom the min kit) and after everything was dry I started to paint watercolour ‚clouds’ and tiny, red flowers.


The inspiration came from the bedroom linen which were full of such lovely flowers. I used some stamps as well. I multiple the circles (use only first two circles from the whole stamp) and between them I made stiching ‚x’  – this is how I get those ‚xoxo’ words.

+     +     +


I am in love with various shades of pink this month. I like to mix it with red and white… If you want to enrich your drawer with more PINK goodies click the photo above! I hope you will find something interesting. I already click ‚notify me’ button for a few times. I just feel that I need some of these pink beauties from ‚Essentials’ lines and not only.

+     +     +

smiles begin with you

The second Main Kit Only layout is totally different. The composition is much easier and there one, main element one this project – brush scripted ‚you & me’ words. February will be the month of Life|Scripted classes prepared by Kal Barteski. I adore her amazing style and I was so curious is it possible for me to compose such strong, bold element into my page. Well – I tried and I think thae result is not that bad 🙂 It’s not perfect at all, I think we will all need a lot of practice to use these bamboo brushes and black paints to get simmilar effects to Kal (and probably we will never catch up the ‚top of this mountaint’), but it’s really great fun and one more, interesting techinique which can enrigh out scrapbooking projects. You still have two days to sign in to this class so… think about it 🙂


Even if the title is really bold and huge it was still empty on my page. I was so tired and had no idea what to add to this project. Then my son remind me that one day I let him add some scribbles – the effect was amazing (I love this layout till nowadays), so I didn’t think much. I gave him a pencil, I took the second one and we started to draw funny doodles all over the main element.

+     +     +

Kal Barteski

If you want to join us at the Life|Scripted classes by Kal Barteski and SC contributors please click the image above.

+     +     +

be brave

This page was inspired by few things: lemons (they are coming from ‚Lemon Lush‚ line and amazing, totally FREE printables!) and this lovely stamp from one of the add-ons: ‚When life gives you lemons‚. Well – when I saw these everything was clear for me. The title had to be: ‚Be Brave’, becasue you know – then life really gives you lemons you have two options: you can get depressed or handle it and be brave! I chose the second option because it’s more optimistic 🙂

be brave4

I was so in love with all gold details in the scrapbook kit and add-ons! Especially in those gold-foil leaves… I found few places to stick amaizing gold pressed vellum and adorable stars from ‚Essentials’ line. And those gold foil ‚Lemon Lush‚ letters?! OMG! They are so inspiring!

+     +     +


If you are in love in YELLOW as much as I am I encourage you to visite this place to find more yellow beauties!!! Bring more sun into your projects! I definitely NEED more sun, I hate this winter, snowless weather now :/

+     +     +

be cool

And my last ‚Sugar Rush’ layout for today – ‚Be cOOl’ 🙂 Ultra feminine, clear in colour but bold in the contrasts. Simple composition let me leave this page as clear as it possible. It’s not often happen to me to leave the project without watercolour areas (well – I made a few tine splashes, but it doeasn’t count ).

be cool1

I hope you like the projects and that you are ready to buy your own choices! These are the kits I used to complete my works.

SUGAR RUSH Scrapbook Main Kit

+    +    +


Main kits and add-on kits are available for purchase at 12:00 am EST on 01/28/2014.
Remember, the links to purchase the Scrapbook, Card, or Project Life kits will not work until this time.
If you are not only a layout maker you will be probably interested in other Sugar Rush kits. All of them (Project Life and Card) you will find >>>HERE<<<
+       +       +
This is a sneak peek of my NEW craft project made with Lindsey Letters Letterpress plates & Craft Die set which is one of the whole range of NEW PRODUCTS in Studio Calico shop. Remember that usually new products just dissapear from the shop so if you really want to buy any of them, you should make it immediately – just saying. In a few days I am going to publish my DIY tutorial how to create a B-day Calendar using Lindsey Letters Monograms so stay tuned!
There are also few die-cuts in the shop which won’t stay there forever: Arrows Card craft-die, Round Confetti and Icon Geotags craft-die!!! I’ve already bought mine 🙂 Now it’s your turn!
+     +     +
Don’t forget about our fabulous digital items! Printables, cut files and templates!!! I use them a lot month by moth!

When life bring you… embossing powder :)

It will be my first project where I used embossing technique. I was introduce to this topic many years ago and never tried. Why?! oh why I was waiting for so long to try?!! OK – this afternoon I decided to try to mix my favourite watercolour technique with the new one (new for me) – hot embossing. I prepared a step by step tutorial how I was working with these media. I had so much fun! Let’s start…


First of all I create a simple base of the project using new Studio Calico lines: ‚Lemon Lush‚ and ‚Wanderlust‚ (if you can’t find them in the shop, be sure to click a ‚notify me‚ button to be sure, that you will be inform when they will be in stock).


I collected some acrylic stamps which are coming from the older Studio Calico kits, clear embossing ink pad, white ZING embossing powder, Peerless Watercolour Papers , Ecolines and other ‚must have’ supplies.


I combined a half of the layout and the second part will be the topic of my today’s tutorial. I chose a few stamps in floral and flower shapes and created a simple composition with them – just next to the edge of the layered papers


I sticked them to the small acrylic block and than I stamped them using clear embossing ink (it was not very easy to find the shapes becasue they were really invisible).


Then I covered these invisible stamped shapes with a white embossing powder…


Next I took out the excess of the powder (I put it back to the jar)…


And I got such result (I hope it’s visible enough on the picture)…


I used a heat gun to make the marks pemanent and waterproof (yes, I know that all of you already know how to emboss, but there are some people like me who don;t know a lot about this technique) 🙂


I added more stamps, more leaves and flowers and repeated the pattern. It was the end of embossed part 🙂 I had a lot fun making this! and I’m sure I will use it once again and again in my other projects!


Now – the funny part – watercolouring! I was showing and writting step by step instructions about how to use watercolour many times – so this time I will leave these pictures without any comment. If you have any questions you can ask me in the comments below.


I used Peerless Wartercolours Transparent Papers and liquid inks – Ecolines. This time I mixed more colours than usually… You can find here green, blue, yellow, orange, pink… Yep, I made a kind of mess this time and I really love it! It’s so refreshing! 🙂


When paitnted part was completely dry I made some random floral stamps  using various colours of chalk inks – just to add a kind of dimmension to this part. And it was the end of my work. Super fun, not super easy, but I’m sure that everybody can try to do something simmilar.

sweet as s'mores

I hope you will find a while during the upcoming weekend to try this mixed-media technique. I hope you will enjoy playing with these fabulous things as much as I had.

sweet detail1

If you want to see more close-ups please move to my gallery at Studio Calico >>> HERE.

+     +     +

And my last news just before the end of this week. New supplies will appear in a few days in the Studio Calico shop. I’ve had an opportunity to work with some of them earlier… I prepared next step by step tutorial with these brand new

Lindsey Letter Letterpress Plate & Craft Die set :: Monogram Alpha

I won’t tell you now what it will be, but I just mention that you should be prepared for the shopping!!!

monogram detail

It’s just a sneak peek… don’t miss this up!

+     +     +

And now something for the whole season, great surprise from Studio Calico fo all mini-book lovers!!!


Little Books, BIG inspiration – times 4! Purchase the Mini Book Bundle for $32 – a 20% savings!

Purchasing the Mini Book Bundle enrolls you in all four of our 2014 Mini Workshops. A new mini workshop will be available each season from our expert line up of teachers – Nicole Reaves, Maggie Holmes, Marcy Penner and Céline Navarro. Each teacher will be showing you how to create a unique mini book through detailed PDFs and videos.

This bundle offer is available with early bird pricing from 1/24/2014 through 1/31/2014.


+     +     +

Have an amazing weekend everybody!!! We will meet at reveal night! yay! kisses :)))


Classe Roma :: sneaks and instructions!

I used a piece of Loredana’s info post here to inform you in your own language. The instructions about my own classes are in English, but I asked Lory, and she will prepare an Italian version for you soon – hope that makes sense.

Sembra proprio che siate molto impazienti di queste classi! Io molto felice!!! 

1. Dove si terranno i corsi? :: Roma –  sala parrocchiale della Chiesetta Stella Maris – via Sergio de Vitis snc (zona mostacciano)

2. Orario dei corsi? :: L’orario preciso è in via di definizione, dipenderà dal numero di iscritte/i. In linea di massima la giornata avrà inizio nella fascia oraria 9-10 e terminerà nella fascia oraria 17.30/18.30

3. In quale hotel posso alloggiare nei paraggi? :: Eccone due che Irene sta consigliando a chi viene da fuori Roma:

4. Per il pranzo? :: Ci sarà mezz’ora di pausa ed il pranzo sarà offerto dall’organizzazione, non aspettatevi un pranzo da ristorante ma cose buone che rimpizeranno le nostre pancine affamate.

+     +     +

OK, now some details about the projects. In English (Italian version will appear in a few days in this post). I preapred two totally different layouts. During both classes I will teach you how to work with watercolours and other watercolour media like: liquide inks, woodless watercolour crayons, gelatos, mists and October Afternoon Sprinklers. I will show you how to get the effect of watercolour cloud, how to combine layers, how to work with various shades of colours. We will make two layouts – one will be bright, feminine, and colourful; the second will be black & white with grey elements. These are a few sneaks:


I prepared especially for these classes exclusive die-cuts with floral & diamond elements and italian words!!! They were cuted by my lovely sponsore – Scrapiniec .pl , you will love it! We will be working with great, brand new Polish papers by Studio Tekturek. I will bring some watercolour media as well.


What you have to bring for the classes: minimum TWO black&white PHOTOS – I used almost square photos for my projects but you can choose vertical pr horizontal ones as well. The compositions are flexible so we will find the best solution for your photos for sure. Remember that your pictures shouldn’t be very dark, I prefare rather light photos for the projects. Don’t forget about such ‚must haves’ like: scissors, glue, double sided adhesive tape, little jar for the water… Please bring any watercolour media you have at home, it could be: custom watercolour, liquid inks, gelatos, woodless crayons, ecolines, Studio Calico Mister Huey’s mists, October Afternoon Sprinklers – anything you have at home. You will need minimum two little smooth brushes, one big, smooth brush, one little hard brush, paper towel, a pencil, a black marker, black ink pad and black liquid ink. And very imporatn thing – adhesive foams (to add pop to your projects). I hope that I haven’t forgot about anything. If you have any questions please ask me in the comments below this post. Can’t wait to meet you all in my favourite city – Rome!!! :)))

Cosa dovete portare per questo corso???

  • FOTO | minimo due foto in bianco e nero – AnnaMaria ha usato foto  quadrate per i suoi layouts , orientamento orizzontali o verticali. Le composizioni sono flessibili, quindi troveremo la soluzione migliore per le vostre foto di sicuro. Le foto non devono essere scure.  
  • MATERIALI BASE | Non dimenticare come ‚ must have ‚ come : forbici, colla , nastro biadesivo , piccolo vaso per l’acqua … Si prega di portare qualsiasi supporto acquerello avete in casa , potrebbe essere : acquerello su ordinazione , inchiostri liquidi , gelati , woodless pastelli , Ecolines (acquerelli liquidi che potete trovare in negozi di belle arti),  i mister huey’s di Studio Calico ,  o gli sprinklers di October Afternoon  – tutto ciò che avete in casa .
  • PENNELLI | Avrete bisogno di un minimo di due piccoli pennelli morbidi , uno grande , spazzola liscia , una piccolo spazzola dura , tovagliolo di carta, carta assorbente,  una matita , un pennarello nero , tampone nero e inchiostro liquido nero . E cosa molto importante  – biadesivo 3d ( per aggiungere tridimensionalità ai vostri progetti).


Non vedo l’ora di incontrarvi tutti nella mia città preferita – Roma ! 🙂 )

+     +     +

I have one more important news – at the begining of April I will visit Czech Republic!!! I will be teaching two different mixed-media classes in Prague!!!


All the informations about this event you can find here, at >>> Paper Amo <<< blog. The sneaks and instructions will appear in March. See ya!


‚Sugar Rush’ :: my sneaks

I just finished my two days work with ‚Sugar Rush’ kits and I so excited that it’s only nine days till reveal night! I took some quick close up photos to share them with you. I’m sure that you will be in love with those February kits!
Starting from the Scrapbook Main kit only sneaks… yep, lots of love here!!!


Of course I had to find a place for the mian February trand – brush script – if you are not sign in the Life|Scripted classes by Kal Barteski at Studio Calico you still have chance to join us! All you have to do is click >>>HERE<<< enroll now!!!


Now it’s time for main and add-ons sneaks!

be cool1

These kits are full of new SC lines: Lemon Lush, Essentials and Wanderlust. Of course these are only few things from the huge range of supplies.

be brave1

If you are interested in buying these lines you should move to the SC shop and click ‚NOTIFY ME‚ buttons ASAP! You never know when they will appear in the shop and – as we all know – SC lines are dissapear so quickly as we can’t get everything what we want. So my advice is to click these buttons to be immediately inform by the system that our dreamy goodies are available to buy.


I hope that you liked my sneak peeks. Hope I help you to make a decision which kits you want to buy or maybe you will decide to make a subscription? who know? maybe? maybe you will decide that this is the best ide? maybe? who knows? 🙂 ahahhaa Have a great weekend everybody!


Scrapbooking by heart :: sneaks and instructions!

Hi everybody! It’s almost two weeks till our crop and I can’t wait to spend this time with you! I have a few words about my classes which I would like you to read before you attend the workshop.

scrapbooking & co with Prisca kopia
What you can expect :: during classes we will be able to create a mini album (15x11cm) using various techniques. I know that a lot of people already took part in my classes where I was teaching my watercolour technique, but I also realize that there are still a lot of those who want to learn how to create watercolour clouds, so… I will share with you this technique once again. I am going to introduce you to the letterpress technique as well. We will make a few prints using letterpress oil-base inks and one ‚blind print’ which will suit to your project. I will use  a little bit of handwritting techinique in my album and I would like to ask you if you could give a chance to this handwritting journaling. It won’t be a typical brush scripted becasue we will be using a black marker (if you have any black markers or precisions pens in your drawer please take them!). At the end I hope that we will have enough time to sew all of the album pages together – I will bring the threads but please don’t forget to take the needles! This is very important as well.

album sneak1

I prepared spring palette of colours because I’m sure that most of us are dreaming about this season now… so I will bring you sunshine in your kits! In my project I focused on a magenta shade of pink – but you can choose which colour you will use (pink, orange, yellow, gray…). Please be prepared and bring watercolours, mists, woodless Neocolor crayons or other watercolours media in these colours. Don’t forget about brushes – you will nedd one or two small smooth brushes and one small hard brush – for the splashes. If you have a pencil at home it would be also good if you could bring it with you.

album sneak2
In your kits you will find patterned papers from the latest collection of new Polish mark ‚Studio Tekturek‚, few white cardstock which I used as a base of my project, exclusive chipboards in French language prepared especially for you by, two piece of cardboard for the front and back of the cover, exclusive brad with adorable fox created specially for this class by ‚Studio Tekturek’ and Studio Calico cardboard arrows. I will bring some ecolines, threads and washi tape for shared use and of course – letterpress bundle. I will have few Studio Calico letterpress plates and dies and of course letterpress inks. There will be also some other details in your kits as well 🙂

What you will need: gesso, scissors, craft knifes, needles, pencil, brushes, watercolour media in pink/orange/yelllow/grey shades, double sided adhesive tape, glue, balck marker. If you have any of your favourite stamps – bring them! I’m sure we can use them somewhere! If you take stamps please don;t forget about stamps pads – black or gray should be enough, but you can take more colour if you want.

And of course – photos. I used only black and white photos in my album and I think that it will be the best solution for us if you also organize b/w photos for the class. I use typical size 10x7cm, 15x10cm… sometimes I cut them a little bit… I also print some very little onces and put them in a row 10×3,7 cm – but it’s not need, I just want to to let you know that there is such possibility 🙂


OK, that’s it. I hope I didn’t forget about nothing important. See you at the begining of February in Maisons-Alfort!!!


‚Sugar Rush’ sneaks!

To be true I don’t have any of my own sneaks to show you right now, but… I have some good news for all of you Studio Calico subscribers – and future subscribers and other SC lovers!


A kit devoted entirely to cats? You’ve got to be “kitten” me! This cat themed mini kit includes a 4×6 stamp set, 4 cat clothespins, 3 bell charms, and a fish bone charm. This exclusive offer is for subscribers only and will ship with your monthly subscription order. No additional shipping fees! The item is only available for a short while and supplies are limited.


Not a subscriber? Join us for exclusive discounts and promotions.

If you are interested in February sneaks you can move >>> HERE >>> and see what my friends from creative team prepared. I will be ready with my sneaks in the end of this week… I hope!
In the meantime I prepare a totally subjective mood board related to the ‚Sugar Rush’ Main Scrapbook kit – in my opinion it’s all about feelings, about love and friendship. I just can;t wait to start playing with my gooodies!!!

Suger Rush kopia
[all of these pictures are coming from my Pinterest boards]


This is an official sneak photo of February sneaks. Stay tuned and plan your shopping – you have almost two weeks to decide till reveal night will come.

And now something for EVERYBODY!!! It’s not important if you are a subscriber or not, if you are a Studio Calico member or not. We have an amazing offer for all of you! FREE digital files related to Studio Calico new lines!!! Now everybody can download them from >>> HERE!!! These are some of the printables and cut files, iPhone wallpapers… you will find more at SC 🙂

FREE digital files


Stay Inspired :: Studio Calico Subscription


Start your subscription with ‚Copper Mountain’ scrapbook, card or Project Life kit and you will get ‚Blue Note‚ kit FOR FREE!!!

+   +   +

How to use the promo codes:
Add a ‚Copper Mountain’ Subscription of your choice to your card. Add the corresponding ‚Blue Note’ kit to your card. Enter promo code upon checkout. Expires 01/26/14 at 11:59 pm EST or while supplies are available. So don’t wait to long!


+   +   +

Subscribers get TONS of awesome extras including: exclusive discounts, flat-rate shipping, early access, bonus calico points, SC class discounts, they are ‚in the know’.


New Year :: giveaway!!!

I have something special for you at the begining of 2o14! I am organizing a ‚New Year’ giveaway on my Instagram! You can win a lot of things from Studio Calico ‚Copper Mountain’ January kits  a lot of papers and some other stuff!


All you have to do is follow me on Instagram >>> HERE <<<, publish this photo, tag me and tag one of your friends!!!


You can do this during the whole weekend. At the end of January the 6th I will choose one lucky winner!


Glitter streaks tutorial & new class!!!

Welcome 2o14!!! When I’m thinking about celebrating I see confetti and… glitter! When I see glitter – it must be gold. Today I would like to welcome this New Year with easy step by step tutorial ‚how to create glitter streaks‚ on the project.


This is very simple, I think that all of you can make something like this, even if you are a beginner or if you are not familiar with papercrafting yet. The project is made with inexpensive supplies if you will try most of them you can collect at home! What you will need: a piece of white cardstock (it can be typical layout 12×12 inches or custom A4 format which you usually use for printing documents), scissors, liquid glue (any type), printer, gold glitter, Studio Calico ‚Copper Mountain’ printables and – if you have it – some exclusive pieces of Studio Calico kits. I use these supplies becasue they have a good quality and they are not expensive. Often having no goodies is no good reason to moan, just use your head and come up with somthing that would be both easily available and cheap. For example – PRINTABLES – they are stylish, good design, easily available and economical!

+   +   +

Stop wasting any more time, you have to  immediately buy and printed out the essential materials from Studio Calico digital shop. Cut your favourites using scissors and collect them in one place. Of course you will have to chose the photo as well…
Start with the main idea of this project – glitter streaks. First of all you have to compose the project with your photo. If you are a totally beginer you can use my composition to create your own page. Now take a liquide glue and make some marks – I made a few rowns of messy lines, but you can make anything, any shape you want or just one huge splash.


Till your marks will dry you have to sprinkle them with a bit of gold glitter. Try to cover all of them. Now you have to wait till glue will be completely dry. After this time you should blow away the excess of glitter (it would be good if you can put it back to the jar).


Your extraordinary background is ready. It was easy. You won’t tell me that you can’t do this because – you can 🙂 this is the end of my part, this is the end of tutorial.I am waiting for your creations. You have a huuuge range of possibilities! You have a great background, probably good photo, fabulous printables and maybe some other supplies and… what is the most important – you have your imagination and creativity! I used mine and I made this layout:

You are my weakness

I have also some totally exciting news for you at the begining of 2o14!!! There BRAND NEW Studio Calico classes waiting for you to sign in!!! Get ready for February’s class LIFE SCRIPTED with KAL BARTESKI!!!


I can’t wait!!! Kal Barteski is one of my personal heros and I could learn from her day by day, everyday, during whole year! Well I will have such possibility in February, WE will have this possibility together – thanks to Studio Calico. Who is IN? Enroll now!

I want to get drowned into Kal’s handwriting world. I’m sure that it will enrich my skills and will open  new doors of possibilities! I am so curious what Kal will propose us, which way of using these techniques will be the best for papercrafting… so interesting! This knowledge can be new ‚must have’ of this season. Don’t miss it! I’m IN from now. It’s a pitty that we have to wait till February!

By enrolling in Life Scripted class you’ll receive: videos from Kal demostrating brush script evercises and techniques, PDFs sharing ideas using brush script on papercrafting projects and bonus digital files – printable journaling cards & accents, a layerd template and digital cut files!!!

I combined a kind of mood board for this class, I hope you will feel inspired!

+   +   +

mood board

[all these photos are coming from my Pinterest boards]

I think that we will need some items for this class. There is no any ‚class kit’ this time, but I am so happy that we can purchase them in Studio Calico shop. What it will be… BLACK PAINTS! Which ones are the best? – BLACK ARCYLIC and BLACK GOUACHE – both are available in SC shop. Small Paint Palette will be also a good idea and of course something what is most important – BAMBOO PAINT BRUSHES in two sizes. I have some basics at home already, but I still have to buy special brushes. When I will collect all of these tools I will show you the photo and let you know once again what you will need before February’s classes will start!


Do you see this?! If you order the bundle of supplies before January 7th you won’t pay for the shipping!!! The whole list of supplies you will find >>> below THIS page. Suppliy total is $39.95!!! You get two bamboo brushes, black acrylic paint, Mister Huey’s inky black and artist’s drawing pad.


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