Glitter streaks tutorial & new class!!!

Welcome 2o14!!! When I’m thinking about celebrating I see confetti and… glitter! When I see glitter – it must be gold. Today I would like to welcome this New Year with easy step by step tutorial ‚how to create glitter streaks‚ on the project.


This is very simple, I think that all of you can make something like this, even if you are a beginner or if you are not familiar with papercrafting yet. The project is made with inexpensive supplies if you will try most of them you can collect at home! What you will need: a piece of white cardstock (it can be typical layout 12×12 inches or custom A4 format which you usually use for printing documents), scissors, liquid glue (any type), printer, gold glitter, Studio Calico ‚Copper Mountain’ printables and – if you have it – some exclusive pieces of Studio Calico kits. I use these supplies becasue they have a good quality and they are not expensive. Often having no goodies is no good reason to moan, just use your head and come up with somthing that would be both easily available and cheap. For example – PRINTABLES – they are stylish, good design, easily available and economical!

+   +   +

Stop wasting any more time, you have to  immediately buy and printed out the essential materials from Studio Calico digital shop. Cut your favourites using scissors and collect them in one place. Of course you will have to chose the photo as well…
Start with the main idea of this project – glitter streaks. First of all you have to compose the project with your photo. If you are a totally beginer you can use my composition to create your own page. Now take a liquide glue and make some marks – I made a few rowns of messy lines, but you can make anything, any shape you want or just one huge splash.


Till your marks will dry you have to sprinkle them with a bit of gold glitter. Try to cover all of them. Now you have to wait till glue will be completely dry. After this time you should blow away the excess of glitter (it would be good if you can put it back to the jar).


Your extraordinary background is ready. It was easy. You won’t tell me that you can’t do this because – you can 🙂 this is the end of my part, this is the end of tutorial.I am waiting for your creations. You have a huuuge range of possibilities! You have a great background, probably good photo, fabulous printables and maybe some other supplies and… what is the most important – you have your imagination and creativity! I used mine and I made this layout:

You are my weakness

I have also some totally exciting news for you at the begining of 2o14!!! There BRAND NEW Studio Calico classes waiting for you to sign in!!! Get ready for February’s class LIFE SCRIPTED with KAL BARTESKI!!!


I can’t wait!!! Kal Barteski is one of my personal heros and I could learn from her day by day, everyday, during whole year! Well I will have such possibility in February, WE will have this possibility together – thanks to Studio Calico. Who is IN? Enroll now!

I want to get drowned into Kal’s handwriting world. I’m sure that it will enrich my skills and will open  new doors of possibilities! I am so curious what Kal will propose us, which way of using these techniques will be the best for papercrafting… so interesting! This knowledge can be new ‚must have’ of this season. Don’t miss it! I’m IN from now. It’s a pitty that we have to wait till February!

By enrolling in Life Scripted class you’ll receive: videos from Kal demostrating brush script evercises and techniques, PDFs sharing ideas using brush script on papercrafting projects and bonus digital files – printable journaling cards & accents, a layerd template and digital cut files!!!

I combined a kind of mood board for this class, I hope you will feel inspired!

+   +   +

mood board

[all these photos are coming from my Pinterest boards]

I think that we will need some items for this class. There is no any ‚class kit’ this time, but I am so happy that we can purchase them in Studio Calico shop. What it will be… BLACK PAINTS! Which ones are the best? – BLACK ARCYLIC and BLACK GOUACHE – both are available in SC shop. Small Paint Palette will be also a good idea and of course something what is most important – BAMBOO PAINT BRUSHES in two sizes. I have some basics at home already, but I still have to buy special brushes. When I will collect all of these tools I will show you the photo and let you know once again what you will need before February’s classes will start!


Do you see this?! If you order the bundle of supplies before January 7th you won’t pay for the shipping!!! The whole list of supplies you will find >>> below THIS page. Suppliy total is $39.95!!! You get two bamboo brushes, black acrylic paint, Mister Huey’s inky black and artist’s drawing pad.


One Comment to “Glitter streaks tutorial & new class!!!”

  1. This is such an easy technique, but it adds so much fun to the layout. Thanks for the reminder on adding sparkle.


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