Scrapbooking by heart :: sneaks and instructions!

Hi everybody! It’s almost two weeks till our crop and I can’t wait to spend this time with you! I have a few words about my classes which I would like you to read before you attend the workshop.

scrapbooking & co with Prisca kopia
What you can expect :: during classes we will be able to create a mini album (15x11cm) using various techniques. I know that a lot of people already took part in my classes where I was teaching my watercolour technique, but I also realize that there are still a lot of those who want to learn how to create watercolour clouds, so… I will share with you this technique once again. I am going to introduce you to the letterpress technique as well. We will make a few prints using letterpress oil-base inks and one ‚blind print’ which will suit to your project. I will use  a little bit of handwritting techinique in my album and I would like to ask you if you could give a chance to this handwritting journaling. It won’t be a typical brush scripted becasue we will be using a black marker (if you have any black markers or precisions pens in your drawer please take them!). At the end I hope that we will have enough time to sew all of the album pages together – I will bring the threads but please don’t forget to take the needles! This is very important as well.

album sneak1

I prepared spring palette of colours because I’m sure that most of us are dreaming about this season now… so I will bring you sunshine in your kits! In my project I focused on a magenta shade of pink – but you can choose which colour you will use (pink, orange, yellow, gray…). Please be prepared and bring watercolours, mists, woodless Neocolor crayons or other watercolours media in these colours. Don’t forget about brushes – you will nedd one or two small smooth brushes and one small hard brush – for the splashes. If you have a pencil at home it would be also good if you could bring it with you.

album sneak2
In your kits you will find patterned papers from the latest collection of new Polish mark ‚Studio Tekturek‚, few white cardstock which I used as a base of my project, exclusive chipboards in French language prepared especially for you by, two piece of cardboard for the front and back of the cover, exclusive brad with adorable fox created specially for this class by ‚Studio Tekturek’ and Studio Calico cardboard arrows. I will bring some ecolines, threads and washi tape for shared use and of course – letterpress bundle. I will have few Studio Calico letterpress plates and dies and of course letterpress inks. There will be also some other details in your kits as well 🙂

What you will need: gesso, scissors, craft knifes, needles, pencil, brushes, watercolour media in pink/orange/yelllow/grey shades, double sided adhesive tape, glue, balck marker. If you have any of your favourite stamps – bring them! I’m sure we can use them somewhere! If you take stamps please don;t forget about stamps pads – black or gray should be enough, but you can take more colour if you want.

And of course – photos. I used only black and white photos in my album and I think that it will be the best solution for us if you also organize b/w photos for the class. I use typical size 10x7cm, 15x10cm… sometimes I cut them a little bit… I also print some very little onces and put them in a row 10×3,7 cm – but it’s not need, I just want to to let you know that there is such possibility 🙂


OK, that’s it. I hope I didn’t forget about nothing important. See you at the begining of February in Maisons-Alfort!!!


3 Komentarze to “Scrapbooking by heart :: sneaks and instructions!”

  1. Very Nice ! How many photos please ?

  2. Oh my God… Can’t wait.


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