‚Sugar Rush’ :: my sneaks

I just finished my two days work with ‚Sugar Rush’ kits and I so excited that it’s only nine days till reveal night! I took some quick close up photos to share them with you. I’m sure that you will be in love with those February kits!
Starting from the Scrapbook Main kit only sneaks… yep, lots of love here!!!


Of course I had to find a place for the mian February trand – brush script – if you are not sign in the Life|Scripted classes by Kal Barteski at Studio Calico you still have chance to join us! All you have to do is click >>>HERE<<< enroll now!!!


Now it’s time for main and add-ons sneaks!

be cool1

These kits are full of new SC lines: Lemon Lush, Essentials and Wanderlust. Of course these are only few things from the huge range of supplies.

be brave1

If you are interested in buying these lines you should move to the SC shop and click ‚NOTIFY ME‚ buttons ASAP! You never know when they will appear in the shop and – as we all know – SC lines are dissapear so quickly as we can’t get everything what we want. So my advice is to click these buttons to be immediately inform by the system that our dreamy goodies are available to buy.


I hope that you liked my sneak peeks. Hope I help you to make a decision which kits you want to buy or maybe you will decide to make a subscription? who know? maybe? maybe you will decide that this is the best ide? maybe? who knows? 🙂 ahahhaa Have a great weekend everybody!


2 Komentarze to “‚Sugar Rush’ :: my sneaks”

  1. wooooooow!!!!!!!!! ♥

  2. Really beautiful !


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