‚Sugar Rush’ reveal!!!


Don’t kid ourselves, February is not the prettiest month in a year… I don’t like it at all, but… Studio Calico February kits will make this month a special time! Sugar Rush kits are one of my favourites ever! There are so many beautiful pattern papers great for the LO background and to embellish the page, some of them are coming form he latest SC lines like ‚Lemon Lush‚, ‚Essentials‚ and ‚Wanderlust‚. Embellishments are soooooo delicious! I can’t wait, I have to share with you my projects. At the begining – tow main kit only layouts.

early days funny faces

I printed some of my favourites photos from the early days of my son’s life. At these photos above Jaś was only two week old (or even less). I compose two of them with the scraps of various pattern papers and exclusive kraft tags. I added pieces of sunburst washi tape and of course – my very favourite – printable labels and other designs.


When I combined then all together in a few layers I spread a little bit of gesso here and there on the paper (it was not a custom cardstock or watercolour paper, but B side of one of the patterned papers fom the min kit) and after everything was dry I started to paint watercolour ‚clouds’ and tiny, red flowers.


The inspiration came from the bedroom linen which were full of such lovely flowers. I used some stamps as well. I multiple the circles (use only first two circles from the whole stamp) and between them I made stiching ‚x’  – this is how I get those ‚xoxo’ words.

+     +     +


I am in love with various shades of pink this month. I like to mix it with red and white… If you want to enrich your drawer with more PINK goodies click the photo above! I hope you will find something interesting. I already click ‚notify me’ button for a few times. I just feel that I need some of these pink beauties from ‚Essentials’ lines and not only.

+     +     +

smiles begin with you

The second Main Kit Only layout is totally different. The composition is much easier and there one, main element one this project – brush scripted ‚you & me’ words. February will be the month of Life|Scripted classes prepared by Kal Barteski. I adore her amazing style and I was so curious is it possible for me to compose such strong, bold element into my page. Well – I tried and I think thae result is not that bad 🙂 It’s not perfect at all, I think we will all need a lot of practice to use these bamboo brushes and black paints to get simmilar effects to Kal (and probably we will never catch up the ‚top of this mountaint’), but it’s really great fun and one more, interesting techinique which can enrigh out scrapbooking projects. You still have two days to sign in to this class so… think about it 🙂


Even if the title is really bold and huge it was still empty on my page. I was so tired and had no idea what to add to this project. Then my son remind me that one day I let him add some scribbles – the effect was amazing (I love this layout till nowadays), so I didn’t think much. I gave him a pencil, I took the second one and we started to draw funny doodles all over the main element.

+     +     +

Kal Barteski

If you want to join us at the Life|Scripted classes by Kal Barteski and SC contributors please click the image above.

+     +     +

be brave

This page was inspired by few things: lemons (they are coming from ‚Lemon Lush‚ line and amazing, totally FREE printables!) and this lovely stamp from one of the add-ons: ‚When life gives you lemons‚. Well – when I saw these everything was clear for me. The title had to be: ‚Be Brave’, becasue you know – then life really gives you lemons you have two options: you can get depressed or handle it and be brave! I chose the second option because it’s more optimistic 🙂

be brave4

I was so in love with all gold details in the scrapbook kit and add-ons! Especially in those gold-foil leaves… I found few places to stick amaizing gold pressed vellum and adorable stars from ‚Essentials’ line. And those gold foil ‚Lemon Lush‚ letters?! OMG! They are so inspiring!

+     +     +


If you are in love in YELLOW as much as I am I encourage you to visite this place to find more yellow beauties!!! Bring more sun into your projects! I definitely NEED more sun, I hate this winter, snowless weather now :/

+     +     +

be cool

And my last ‚Sugar Rush’ layout for today – ‚Be cOOl’ 🙂 Ultra feminine, clear in colour but bold in the contrasts. Simple composition let me leave this page as clear as it possible. It’s not often happen to me to leave the project without watercolour areas (well – I made a few tine splashes, but it doeasn’t count ).

be cool1

I hope you like the projects and that you are ready to buy your own choices! These are the kits I used to complete my works.

SUGAR RUSH Scrapbook Main Kit

+    +    +


Main kits and add-on kits are available for purchase at 12:00 am EST on 01/28/2014.
Remember, the links to purchase the Scrapbook, Card, or Project Life kits will not work until this time.
If you are not only a layout maker you will be probably interested in other Sugar Rush kits. All of them (Project Life and Card) you will find >>>HERE<<<
+       +       +
This is a sneak peek of my NEW craft project made with Lindsey Letters Letterpress plates & Craft Die set which is one of the whole range of NEW PRODUCTS in Studio Calico shop. Remember that usually new products just dissapear from the shop so if you really want to buy any of them, you should make it immediately – just saying. In a few days I am going to publish my DIY tutorial how to create a B-day Calendar using Lindsey Letters Monograms so stay tuned!
There are also few die-cuts in the shop which won’t stay there forever: Arrows Card craft-die, Round Confetti and Icon Geotags craft-die!!! I’ve already bought mine 🙂 Now it’s your turn!
+     +     +
Don’t forget about our fabulous digital items! Printables, cut files and templates!!! I use them a lot month by moth!

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