Sweet Dreams :: Sugar Rush kits

How was your this-night reveal? Did you get what you want? Or maybe you are still on a fence and have no idea what to choose? Well – there are not a lot to choose right now, but you still can buy some lovely ‚sugar’ things! What you can do is (for sure) to buy one of the main ‚Sugar Rush’ kits – which are AMAZING! you can find them >>> HERE.

sugar rush mains

There is still one scrapbook add-on – ‚Jelly Bean‚,  card add-on ‚Taffy‚ with Lemon Lush goodies and Sugar Rush Paper Pad which I adore 🙂

I forgot to add one more ‚Sugar Rush’ layout yesterday. I made it with ‚Sugar Rush’ scrapbook main kit and few supplies from the add-ons and printables – of course 🙂 I was inspired by this amazing picture of my sleeping baby when he was really cute and my older layout (I love this composition so I re-used it once again).

sweet dreams

Once again in these reveal I painted some tiny flowers using Peerless Watercolour Papers. If you have any questions about this project please leave your comments below this post – it will be easier for me to answer and more people will get the message. If you sent me so many e-mails it so difficult to send you an answer immediately. Thank you :*


+     +     +

And now super-duper news!

NEW Studio Calico lines are in the shop now!!!


We are still waiting for ‚Wanderlust’ goodies but they will appear soon… so stay tuned and click ‚notify me‚ button to be sure that you will get an information just when these supplies will be available. This week will be pretty excited!!! And remember that at the end of the month there is a LAST CALL – I will let you know when exactly when I will get the message 🙂 Love ya!



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