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Hi, I am here just with a few quick notes. First of all – I just camee back from Paris where I was teaching mixed-media mini album classes with amazing group of talented girls! I would like to say ‚thank you’ to the organizators (Arthemis, Svetlana & Bruno) for great time we spent together and to the all participants – you were FORMIDABLE! 🙂

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I have some good news to share – once again Studio Calico prepared for you a special, exclusive offer for the current subscribers! If you will decide to get a new subscription (I have to admit that I just take my own Project Life monthly subscription), you will save up to 75% off!!! What a deal! This is an extra news especially for the internationals! By far the BEST value of this is going to be the Scrapbook Main Kit :: it’s the greatest amount off!!!


I received this amazing opportunity and after… hmmm… 10 seconds of various thoughts (do I need this, do I have enough time to use it, how much I love PL kits, how much I adore PL embellishments and exclusive designs… and this combined shipping with other order for four days?!!!), I decided that YES! I need it, I want it and I will take it! So… as a new Subscriber I am sharing with you these fabulous news as soon as it’s possible. Don’t wait! remember that Sugar Rush reveal was one of the most excited during last months! One of those kits can be yours (or all of them if you want!).

Sugar Rush subscription

Here’s how to use the promo codes. Add the Sugar Rush subscription of your choice to your card. Enter the corresponding code to reduce your kit price to $10 for the first month with free shipping. Free shipping will only apply to the kit.

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Non Subscribers can start a new sub and get Marcy’s Hello Forever stamp set free with the first kit!!! This stamp set is sold out so… this is the only opportunity to get this is you already missed this fabulous set!


The PROMO CODES for this offer for NEW subbers are: HFSTAMPSB   HFSTAMPCARD   HFSTAMPPL . How to use them? You just have to add a Sugar Rush subscription of your choice to your cart. Must enter code at checkout. Stamp will appear in a bascket after you enter the code. Expires 2/26/14 at 11:59 pm EST. This offer is valid while supplies last, so don’t wait to long new subber!!!

Also I have some secret informations, that there will be A LOT of unexpected surprises for the subscribers!!! Special gifts, extra products, exclusive goodies – just for you – SC lovers with monthly subscribsion!

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Now some excited news about new, march classes!!! Color Studio with Lisa Trusdell!!! You know that what I love most is a COLOR. Nothing is more imporant for me than this part of scrapbooking world. That’s why I can’t wait till these classes will start!

You’ll experiment with techniques for adding color to your projects with ink, mist, and watercolors, and learn to mix and match the products in your kits for a whole new look.


There are some SPECIAL class OFFER for the participants!

  • Buy Color Studio + Color Theory and save! Use promo code COLOR when purchasing the Color Studio Class and five or more Color Theory Products and receive a $5 discount. This code expires on 2/7/2014 at 11:59pm EST. Color Studio and five or more Color Theory products must be in your cart for the code to work. No discounts will be given for codes not entered.
  • Preorder all 12 Color Theory Inks for $54.99! Individual inks will sell for $4.99 beginning March 1st.


How excited it is?! Awww!!! I need them all! I love every single colour, every single shade! Have you already noticed that there are MORE supplies which will rock your scrapbooking drawers if you will buy them?! Gosh! I am going to IKEA tomorrow becasue I will need a special furniture for Color Theory goodies!!! I have to share with you this picture… it’r hard to choose the colour but these shades of green are my favourites…


I think so becasue I also love these blues!


Too many photos, I know… sorry!!! I can’t resist! These are MY shades, this is my fairytale! This is all I need to work in a scrapbooking heaven! 🙂 I adore every little piece of these beauties. And how amazing they will be for my spreads (yes, I am going to start because of my new PL subscription)… I mean – these alphabets?! buttons?!!! I was never interested in buttons but these are really special! like tiny candies! OMG! 🙂 Sorry – I just can’t wait, I’m going to open my SC basckaet and fill it with all the colours from the rainbow. Bye! See you there!!!


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  1. wow this is amazing! thanks for sharing!


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