Lindsey Letters :: monogram tutorial

As I mentioned you earlier, in my latest reveal post I had a pleasure to work with one of the newest letterpress plates – Lindsey Letters Letterpress plate & Craft Die set – Monogram Alpha (includes 1 plate with 27 designs and 1 matching die-cut).


I prepared an easy DIY tutorial :: handmade letterpressed Birthday Calendar. I will write you the step by step way how to create such b-day cards at home.


First of all we have to start with letterpress. I prepared twelve white cardboard pieces and sticked a piece of watercolour paper on them. Next I used different monogram letters to mark every single month in a year (J for January, F for February, etc.). The letterpressed effect is clearly visible (sorry if you don’t see it very good at the pictures).


When all letterpress monograms are totally dry (remember that this oil-based ink need a few minutes to get dry), we can start using watercolours. I used Peerless Watercolour Papers to cover the surface. First – I made a kind of palette to check out the shades of each colour. Next I was ready to paint.


Becasue letterpress inks are waterproof I could cover the letterpress area as well without any concerns. I you don’t have peerless watercolour papers at home you can use any other watercolour media like: custom watercolours, mists, woodless crayons, liquid inks, etc…


I painted all twelve cards and now I’m waiting till they will be completely dry…


Now – stamping part. I took one of the older Studio Calico exclusive stamps – daily grid. I stamped every card using black Archival ink pad.


I used my Precision Pen to write some imporatnt b-days and name’s days. Birthday cards are ready 🙂 You can leave this part blank and give this blank cards set as a present. They will be actual for every year 🙂



+      +      +

I’ve notice also other amazing NEW supplies in SC shop!!!

I wish a great begining of this week. I know – nobody loves Mondays, but… give it a try, smile and start these seven days of a new week with joy 🙂 XoXo


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