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‚Bessie’ can be messy :: step by step

Yeeeee…p… it’s not funny 🙂 aha hahahah these are my English poet skills 🙂 ok, not important. How was your reveal yesterday? Did you get everything you want? For today I prepared a simple step by step tutorial based on theBluegrass Farm add-ons, especially on ‚Bessie‚, but you can find embellishments from other: ‚Clover‚ and ‚Pip‚ kits as well.


Bessie‚ is my this month’s favourite kit. These are ‚my’ colours, my favourite embellishments, nice alphabet, beautiful floral patterns and fabulous tiny, skinny masking tape – just fabulous. I creeated a layout based on my favourite composition which is the best for the workshops (in my opinion), so I think most of you can easly repeat it using also different materials in different palette.


Starting from the begining. First you have to combine the composition. I will focus on some tricks in this post, so I will leave the words about building composition, mixing colours, etc… for the next time.


First step is to past the pattern paper,placed the photo with all the layers we want to collect under the picture and glue them all to the background. Then apply gesso using thick piece of paper or an old credit card or something like that.


When the background is dry, it’s time to start painting using watercolours and watercolour media. Here I used one of my favourites lately – Mister Huey’s Watercolor Set from Studio Calico.


When our painting is finished we start adding some splashes and embellishments. I was in love with these cork, botanical shapes and lovely brads with gold print.


This wooden element from the embellish add-on ‚Pip‚ kit was to bold in my opinion for this composition so I decided to use it as a stencil. I put the ampersand and start to prick the papers already sticked to the background. Be careful and try not to move the stencil.


Now we’re working the same as always while embroidering. I used beautiful, silk orange thread which looks fabulous with the palette of this project.


At the end of my work I added some stamps, pencil doodlings, black tiny splashes made by india ink and… I added a little bit of tangled, silk thread under the secret envelope (inside the envelope there’s a hidden message 🙂 I think that this idea of using wooden elements as stencils so good and recommendable. Using them this way give us more possibilities to use them more than once and it’s really important especially whan you love the design – and I adore the designs on the wooden stencils from ‚Pip’ add-on this month.

dreamy don't work

If you like my courses and would like to get know more about mixing watercolour media with other, permanent techniques. If you are a beginer and want to know-how or if you are already introduced to mixed-media but want to enrich your knowledge and add something new to your toolbox we can meet eachother at the MIXED MEDIA classes at Studio Calico when me and Celine Navarro and our beloved contributors will give you 5 WEEKS of mixed-media wonderland.

MixedMedia Class SC

We start just in a few days – at the 1st of April so if you still on the fence to make a decision… you know – we are waiting for you there to share our knowledge and experiende with you! See you at the MIXED MEDIA classes soon.


Bluegrass Farm :: reveal!!!


OMG! I can’t believe that it’s almost April just around the corner! Adn for me, that means, that it’s only one month left till my favourite time during the whole year – yep, I’m waiting for May! 🙂 OK – I know, this is not important today because now, everybody wait for the ‚Bluegrass Farm’ reveal!

That’s why I am here now today. At the begining I have to say, that March is always my ‚less creative’ month, just because that in Poland we have there first sunny days and than I definitely mostly think about the mess in my garden and want to go there to clean everything and prepare it until spring will come and not to stay at home and scrapping. Well – even in such situation, when I received April kits I felt so inspired! I made four layouts but today I would like to show you three of them.

Starting from the add-on project where I mixed Bessie, Clover and first EMBELLISHMENTs only Studio Calico add-on kit: Pip kits.

Bluegrass farm addons

BESSIE                                                CLOVER                                                         PIP

I was embroidered this tiny fox  for ‚ages’! So than I decided to create a layout especially for this embellishment 🙂 I used one of the older photos – me and Jan were resting amoung the birches… he was only two years old than – so cute! 🙂


Now two [Main Kit Only] projects – the first one is a mix of ALL colours you can find inBluegrass Farm‚ main kit and almost ALL kinds of embellishments with a pop of this month’s printables!


I tried to go out of my ‚safety area’ and used all of these random colours – an experiment which created ‚different’ me…yep…

B-day collage

And now the last project for today – a drawing/painting improvisation. I used brown watercolours, inks and Mister Huey’s mist to draw these flowers and after I started to paint using the same media plus Neocolor brown crayon. I also utilized one of the main kit ‚pizza’ stamps (with little dots) and using Doc Brown Color Theory ink pad I add some dots here & there to add a dimention to there flowers. Well – it’s brown – it’s not my colour at all so it’s always a huge challenge for me to use this colour.

Just Begin

Like every other month, also for April Studio Calico prepared some exclusive dies – I love them soooooo much and since I have an opporunity to collect the exclusive shapes it starts to be my addiction. These are ‚Bluegrass Farm’ special dies:

April dies

  BUTTERCUP [stamp set and dies]              TRIANGLES                DIAMOND          HEARTS     FRUIT PUNCH

+     +     +

And my favourite special offer  prepared especially for the upcoming Easter holidays – PL cards and cute ‚easter bunny ears’ stamp 🙂 and of course – this month’s ‚NELLY’ stamp set.

easter exclusives

                     EASTER SET                                                                       NELLY stamp set

Please stay tuned and check out my blog tomorrow because I am going to publish my fourth project made with ‚Bluegrass Farm’ add-ons with step by step tutorial! 🙂 I hope you will enjoy it after reaveal rush. Keep me fingers crossed for you to get what you want. Love ya!


Ahoj workshopy :: Anna-Maria in Prague :: previews

Ahoj drahý! ahahaha! 🙂 I’t only two weeks till our meeting in Prague! (yeah!) If you haven’t booked your place there yet you still have such opportunity becasue there are some available places!!! >>> HERE <<<.

+     +     +

I am here today to share with you some sneaks and directions for both classes. First – mini album class.


During 3,5h classes we will create a mini book (15x15cm). The main colours in this project are GREEN and BLUE with wooden elements. I will show you how to work with watercolours, inks, mists, gelatos and woodless crayons (f.e. Neocolors II) on gesso and without it 🙂 You will be able to create few LETTERPRESS prints with letterpress inks and Studio Calico plates!!! I will introduce you to this technique and show you how it all works. We will be working with lots of amazing products prepared for you by Studio Calico, October Afternoon and Studio Tekturek!!!

sneak by Anna-Maria Wolniak

What you will need during classes. Two small smooth brushes, one small hard brush, scissors, glue, double-sided adhesive tape, gesso, a pencil, black thin marker, a ruler. Please take any watercolours media you have at home like: custom watercolours, watercolour woodless crayons (KOH-I-NOR or Neocolors II or Faber-Castell gelatos), liquid inks (like Ecolines), mists (Mister Huey’s, Heidi Swapp, October Afternoon SPrinklers…) anything you have will be great! Remember that we are working mostly in two shades: BLUE/NAVY/TURQUOISE and GREEN/VERMILLON/LIME and these colours are most welcome for this class. You can also bring some ink pads in these shades or your favourite stamps maybe – it depends on you. If you have any dimention foams (3D foams) they will work great with this project as well.

If you want to SIGN IN please click >>>HERE<<<

Now – the second class – SUBTLE LAYOUT. This project will be definitely more feminine. We will be working in PINK/ORANGE/YELLOW palette with floral embellishments and patterns.


During classes we will be practice watercolour technique with watercolours, inks or other media you will bring for the workshops. Next we will combine a simple, feminine layout with layering elements and watercolour actions on the gesso surface. We will be painting, splashing and doodling! I will show you how to works with these media to get the precious watercolour cloud look and blending effect. In the kit you will get fabulous papers made by STUDIO TEKTUREK , October Afternoon alphabet and embellishments cut by SCRAPINIEC. Some of these die-cuts will be in your own Czech language!!! I hope you will like them 🙂


What you have to bring for the classes:  TWO black&white PHOTOS (we will have a choice during classes which one is the best for the project) – I used a square photo for my layout but you can choose vertical pr horizontal ones as well. The composition are flexible so we will find the best solution for your photo for sure. Remember that your pictures shouldn’t be very dark, I prefare rather light photos for the projects.

Don’t forget about such ‘must haves’ like: scissors, glue, double sided adhesive tape, little jar for water… Please bring any watercolour media you have at home, it could be: custom watercolours, liquid inks, gelatos, woodless crayons, ecolines, Studio Calico Mister Huey’s mists, October Afternoon Sprinklers – anything you have at home. You will need minimum two little smooth brushes, one little hard brush, paper towel, a pencil, a black marker. And very imporatn thing – adhesive foams (to add pop to your project). I hope that I haven’t forgot about anything. If you have any questions please ask me in the comments below this post.

If you are interested in BOTH CLASSES please book your places >>> HERE <<<

+     +     +

Now – something very important. I have something special for you. ALL of the girls/boys which will take my classes will receive a FREE GIFT from Studio Calico!!! This special offer is prepared especially for my dearest students 🙂 I hope it will be something what will help you to make a decision. I can’t wait to visit Prague and meet you all there!!!

+     +     +

But… if you can’t be there with me in Prague or at any other European country and you want to get to know HOW I work with various watercolour media, gesso and other things, you can always SIGN IN for MIXED MEDIA class at Studio Calico!!! They will start soon – at the 1st of April so have time to enroll 🙂



Mixed Media Class :: finally!


Hi!!! I think that it’s a good news for all of you who can’t meet me in person during classes – Studio Calico give you such opportunity! During MIXED MEDIA CLASS  Celine Navarro and I will share our mixed-media knowledge, tips, tricks and – our hearts 🙂 We will show you how to add a personal touch to the layout backgrounds using lots of various techniques and new media!

MixedMedia Class SC

Bring out your inner artist this spring with us! Spend five weeks exploring twenty new and inventive ways to add colour and texture to any paper project! We grab a remarkable group of contributors here! I am thrilled to be joining:

Dana Fleckenstein,  Jen Kinkade,  Jill Sprott, Kim Stewart,  Lisa Spangler,  Loredana Bucaria,  Mel Blackburn,  Natalie Elphinstone,  Shanna Noel,  Pam Garrison and Wendy Morris!!!

Cost of the class : $19 only! And rewards subscribers get 25% off, subscribers get 10% off!

+     +      +

What you can expect  –  I will present you five step by step tutorials where I will be showing you such techniques like: mixing various watercolour media (like Mister Huey’s Watercolour Set, Peerless Watercolour Papers, Mister Huey’s Mists, Faber-Castell gelatos, Neocolors woodless crayons – yep, this is something new and something what you will LOVE!), then I will be mixing these watercolour media with techniques like: letterpress, modeling paste, embossing and gesso factures. I will introduce you to the beautiful, dreamy world of watercolour colouds 🙂 Be prepared for some fabulous, artsy and creative five spring weeks! The class will start at the first day of April (and it’s not a joke :).

+     +     +


Take 10% off class supplies when enrolling in Mixed Media!


To take advantage of this offer, put the Mixed Media class in your cart, and then shop for your class supplies >>>HERE<<<. Enter the code MIXED10 at checkout to receive 10% off class supplies.

Not valid on previous purchases. The Mixed Media class must be in your cart along with class supplies in order for promo code to apply correctly. Must enter code at checkout. Refunds will not be issued for misused or non-entered codes. Offer expires at 3/19/2014 at noon EST.

mixed-media watercolours

These are my favourites watercolour media I used in my step by step tutorials for MIXED MEDIA CLASS. If you want to buy them NOW (during 24h from this moment), you will get 10% off the price!

1. Mister Huey’s Watercolour Set (they are back in stock now!)

2. Faber-Castell Gel Medium – Semi-gloss translucent Gel Medium is ideal for extending color, adding sheen, adhering collage pieces and creating great texture and dimension as it holds it form while drying.

3. Faber-Castell Gelatos (they are sell in whole sets – and I think it’s best idea to buy whole range of colours becasue you will love them!)

4. Peerless Watercolour Papers (whole range of fantastic vibrant shades specially for those of you who don;t have a lot of space )

5. Neocolor II :: woodless crayons (sold separately). I copy you the official information about them: The quality of Neocolor II Aquarelle Artists’ Crayons is universally acknowledged. Their excellent lightfastness, high pigment concentration, and adaptability to a variety of techniques have put them in a class of their own. Neocolor II Crayons are softer than colored pencils, denser than children’s wax crayons, and extremely responsive to a wet brush. Wet and dry techniques can be combined in the same drawing. Because of their strong pigmentation, light colors cover dark colors and vice-versa. Neocolors are soft enough to smudge with your fingertips, yet much firmer than oil pastels. Scrape off one or more layers of color to create an engraved sgraffito effect. Best of all, they’re watersoluble.
In a few, simple words – these are my favourites. My one and only. Adn I have a whole range of colours which you can find in SC shop 🙂

You find more NEW items in the shop like big and small brayers, modeling paste and more!!! I chose only few favourites but maybe you will need different things. Just check out the latest uploads >>>HERE<<<.

Want to see more sneaks? Follow me on Instagram. I’ll try to get a few more up here before the end of the month too. Let me know if you have any questions and I really hope to see you in April!


Studio Calico :: blog hop!

Welcome – it’s Monday… AGAIN! I am not a Mondey’s lover so I decided that today I have to prepare something special for all of you to start this new week with a lots of positive vibrations! I’ve already mentioned about new Studio Calico offer for new subbers, so you know about the rulez, etc… Just a quick reminder:


We’ve organized a blog hop amoung SC Creative Team members 🙂 We decided to share with you the DIRECT links to the all three kits (separately) with gift card already added! And here we go to the ‚Office Hours’ wonderland:


SCRAPBOOK                     CARD                    PROJECT LIFE

+                                                +                                                 +

GIFT CARD                              GIFT CARD                              GIFT CARD

… and there is something more… CT members prepared a special, subjective ‚must haves’ boards just because of this blog hop. Here are my propositions – these are my ‚must haves’ 🙂

my Must Haves

1. Lemon Rush Rub-On Transfers – as you probably know, I looove flowers and other floral embellishments. This sent of transfer is just delicious! I adore those tiny twigs and springs, lovely magenta rose… oh… just beautiful! Other sheets with wood and number elements are also fantastic. Yep – this is my number one this month for sure.

2. STARS – craft dies and stamp set – hello?! This is what I need most! I adore star shape, I love stitching and stamps – you know that this is something special. Three things in one set – not only for monthers of hansome sons! 🙂

3. Mister Huey’s Watercolour Set – my one and only true love (ahahhahah – I think I mentioned about that like… 100 times?!). Watercolours – these are just stunning. The colours are so vibrant and they are not going to fake after they are dry! This is something totally new amoung watercolour media! I love all the shades and my favouroite is this amazing bright yellow. Oh – and they are finally in stock!!!!!!!!!

4. Letterpress Bundle – this is something very imporant. I love to mix this technique with watercolour media. I love the colours of letterpress ink, I love the idea to incorporate letterpress elements into the layouts and you already know how remarkable letterpress are for Project Life lovers! you can create your own journal card – any kind, any colour. This is something what every creative person should have to enrich the toolbox. I can’t live without letterpress anymore.

5. Woodgrain letterpress plate – talking about letterpress – I love that I can repeat my favourite motives in every colour in ombre effects and etc. with this embossed effect. I finally receive the Woodgrain plate with these lovable harts and I am going to use it! I think this is a great idea for a mini book cover and I’m sure that today I will be playing with it for hours 🙂

+     +     +

I hope you enjoyed my list and if not, if you are looking something different, more in your own style maybe you will find it somewhere on my dear Studio Calico friends blogs. From this site you can move directly to the master of structure Nicole Samuels or my european beloved friend Lory 🙂 These are all blog-hop blogs which you can visit:

Lisa Truesdell  Natalie Elphinstone Marcy Penner Kelly Noel Suzy Plantamura Melanie Louette Nicole Reaves Lilin Fang Maggie Massey Jenn Picard Geralyn Sy Stephanie Baxter Anna-Maria Wolniak [you are here – welcome] Nicole Samuels Dana Fleckenstein Céline Navarro Stephanie Washburn Leena Loh Loredana Bucaria

be 1

Let us invite you to the ‚Office Hours’ world where flowers are blooming and the sky is so heavenly blue 🙂 We will be waiting there for you today!


So great :: some sneaks as well.

Welcome my dear friends! So sorry that I haven’t been here very often last days. Spring is knocking to the windows and I have a lot of responsobilities related to my country house. I have to prepare everything before first flower will opend their petals – if you have a garden, you know what I mean. Besides – before the warm season I decided to do some medical tests, so… I am off my house everyday. But… of course I received a new box from Studio Calico full of absolutely awesome ‚Blugrass Farm‚ kits! I’ve already prepared two [Main Kits Only] projects and I would like to present them to you today.


As you can see there will be some totally new kind of embellishments in the Scrapbook Main kit in April 🙂 so exciting!


Of course – these are only first sneaks, but – the kits and add-ons have a huge rage of colours and everybody will find something for eachother, I know that, believe me 🙂 During weekend I am going to make other projects using also add-ons so I promise you that at the begining of next week I will be able to show you something more.

+     +     +


And now, absolutely fantastic offer prepared by Studio Calico for NEW SUBBERS! During this month, If you will start your subscription with ‚Office Hours‚ kits you will receive an absolutely free gift [whole supplies last – of course].  You probably remember how in love I was in March Scrapbook Main Kit 🙂 This is one of my sneaks – just to remind you how lovely elements are inside! I was scrapping like a crazy girl with these flowers!

spring 1

Coming back to the point of this offer – here’s how to redeem your gift:

+  click on the subscription of your choice (SB, card, PL) >>>HERE<<< to place the kit and gift card in your cart.

+  apply the corresponding Promo Code to your card prior to checking out to give you the gift card for free 🙂

+    +    +

Remember that if you are a subber you get a tons of awesome extras including: exclusive discounts, FLAT-RATE SHIPPING, early access, bonus calico points, SC class discounts, and…

+   +   +   Special offer every month for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, just like this one!   +   +   +


Life isn’t always about pretty things, but it should be. The search for unique paper is over. This Pretty Little Paper Pad is all your favorite things combined into one. Vellum (yes!), Gold Foil (Uh, super yes!), and awesome graphic designs (for the win, yes!). All in a universally sized 4×6″ pad. Grey graphics on gorgeous vellum and beautiful gold foil makes a huge impact on white card stock. Don’t miss out on this one.


This exclusive offer is for subscribers only and will ship with your monthly subscription order with no additional shipping fees, no matter where you are! Available for a limited time while supplies last. This item qualifies for free shipping on its own. The cost of the paper pad will not count towards the free shipping threshold with the other items in your cart.

Oh my! I am so happy that I am a Project Life subber for last two months 🙂 I’ve already put those amazing beauties from above to my cart and I can’t wait when they will be here in Poland, on my desk! 🙂 Yep – I am crazy about gold and vellum… I could use them in all my projects and in December Daily of course (I know – spring is coming, but… shhhh… I didn’t finish my December Daily album from 2o13… meh… maybe this paper pad will give me an inspiration to finich this winter project; hope so!). OK – it’s everything for today. Hope you get some good news here and maybe some of you decided to be a part of our fabulous SC community. All of you are welcome! See you there guys 🙂


Something new.

Today – something subtle with the addition of French designs – floral die by kesi’art and amazing stamp which I received as a present from one of my favourite scrapper – French icon of scrapbooking and my personal hero – Prisca (thank you!). We were teaching together during fabulous event in Maison-Alfort which was organized by our dear friends: Arthemis and Svetlana. I mixed these lovely goodies with one of my printable journal cards (remember you can download them HERE is you want to include them into your own projects), with a piece of one of my favourites pattern paper by Studio Tekturek and super cute embellishments from Studio Calico.

mon cheri lay

The composition is so simple and it’s based on main elements: printbale card and other additions. I didn’t even use any stitching! Perhaps the situation would be different if I would make this project after new Studio Calico class prepared by Paige Evens|Stitched!


While supplies last, Stitched students will receive a bonus class kit containing journal cards, a stitching template, a stamp set, a stitchable wood veneer tag, a book page, a gray tag and navy, pink and gold embroidery floss. This kit will ship for free no matter where you live.


I have to admit, that I am totally in love with this exclusive class kit and that I’ve already bought it till it will be too late 🙂 I love such kind of stitching templatet and this feather motive?! Just WOW. And here is the best time to give you a good news about special promotion!


How cool is that?! Remember, when taking advantage of this offer, please add the main kit to your cart first.The SC shop is full of recommended supplies as well 🙂 I didn’t buy all of them, but wooden goodies or special stitching dies – it was obvious for me that I need them amoung my stash. I just ADORE stitching becuase it gives me amazing possibilities to enrich my projects. If you are interested in any of these goodies you just need to scroll into the bottom of this page >>> HERE. Well – I’m already waiting for my shopping and can’t wait till I will be able to add them into my layouts (or maybe I will prepare a mini album? hmmm…) Have a great begining of new week everybody!

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