So great :: some sneaks as well.

Welcome my dear friends! So sorry that I haven’t been here very often last days. Spring is knocking to the windows and I have a lot of responsobilities related to my country house. I have to prepare everything before first flower will opend their petals – if you have a garden, you know what I mean. Besides – before the warm season I decided to do some medical tests, so… I am off my house everyday. But… of course I received a new box from Studio Calico full of absolutely awesome ‚Blugrass Farm‚ kits! I’ve already prepared two [Main Kits Only] projects and I would like to present them to you today.


As you can see there will be some totally new kind of embellishments in the Scrapbook Main kit in April 🙂 so exciting!


Of course – these are only first sneaks, but – the kits and add-ons have a huge rage of colours and everybody will find something for eachother, I know that, believe me 🙂 During weekend I am going to make other projects using also add-ons so I promise you that at the begining of next week I will be able to show you something more.

+     +     +


And now, absolutely fantastic offer prepared by Studio Calico for NEW SUBBERS! During this month, If you will start your subscription with ‚Office Hours‚ kits you will receive an absolutely free gift [whole supplies last – of course].  You probably remember how in love I was in March Scrapbook Main Kit 🙂 This is one of my sneaks – just to remind you how lovely elements are inside! I was scrapping like a crazy girl with these flowers!

spring 1

Coming back to the point of this offer – here’s how to redeem your gift:

+  click on the subscription of your choice (SB, card, PL) >>>HERE<<< to place the kit and gift card in your cart.

+  apply the corresponding Promo Code to your card prior to checking out to give you the gift card for free 🙂

+    +    +

Remember that if you are a subber you get a tons of awesome extras including: exclusive discounts, FLAT-RATE SHIPPING, early access, bonus calico points, SC class discounts, and…

+   +   +   Special offer every month for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, just like this one!   +   +   +


Life isn’t always about pretty things, but it should be. The search for unique paper is over. This Pretty Little Paper Pad is all your favorite things combined into one. Vellum (yes!), Gold Foil (Uh, super yes!), and awesome graphic designs (for the win, yes!). All in a universally sized 4×6″ pad. Grey graphics on gorgeous vellum and beautiful gold foil makes a huge impact on white card stock. Don’t miss out on this one.


This exclusive offer is for subscribers only and will ship with your monthly subscription order with no additional shipping fees, no matter where you are! Available for a limited time while supplies last. This item qualifies for free shipping on its own. The cost of the paper pad will not count towards the free shipping threshold with the other items in your cart.

Oh my! I am so happy that I am a Project Life subber for last two months 🙂 I’ve already put those amazing beauties from above to my cart and I can’t wait when they will be here in Poland, on my desk! 🙂 Yep – I am crazy about gold and vellum… I could use them in all my projects and in December Daily of course (I know – spring is coming, but… shhhh… I didn’t finish my December Daily album from 2o13… meh… maybe this paper pad will give me an inspiration to finich this winter project; hope so!). OK – it’s everything for today. Hope you get some good news here and maybe some of you decided to be a part of our fabulous SC community. All of you are welcome! See you there guys 🙂



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